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Clarke ends up in space with Russell and Simone, where she must trick them into giving her control. She gives away that she is Clarke and gains the upperhand, until Simone plays her by pretending to be Abby. Clarke figures it out and Simone ends up dying by going through the airlock.

Meanwhile they try to get Sheidheda out of Madi, which proves to be difficult. Clarke convinces Madi to come back to her by putting a gun to her own head, and then they manage to pull the kill switch in the flame. That makes the flame useless but Sheidheda seems to have uploaded himself at the last second into the Eligius computer system.

Down on the ground the group tries to survive the cult, there are a few up and downs. Jordan ends up taken by the adjustment protocal and even ends up with Priiya's drive at the end of the episode seeking revenge. 

When Octavia tries to save someone, Gabriel sees new marks on her back. They decide they need to go back to the Anomaly, where Hope appears and stabs Octavia. Octavia disappears in the Anomaly which disappears from Sanctum and Bellamy ends up running through the forest searching for his lost sister. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Guy: Woah, where did you learn to code like that?
Raven: City of Light Community College

Bellamy: I heard about Abby.
Clarke: I tried to do better. I did ... and then I lost my mom. Tell me it was worth it. Tell me - tell me it was worth it.
Bellamy: We did do better. I have to believe that that matters.