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The characters meet Russell and have to prove to him that they deserve to stay, Clarke makes a case that he refuses to accept. Jordan has shared with Delilah who shared with Russell about their past, but as Clarke is prepared for them to leave she saves Delilah from being taken by those in the woods.

Russell sees her black blood and tells everyone they can stay, except Diyoza.

Bellamy and Raven and Octavia and Echo head to the ship to bring it back into Sanctum, but hear the others on it get attacked. Octavia kills them all, so she gets left behind when they take the ship back because she killed people for no reason.

She tries to fight the people in the woods but they take her hostage first. They are revealed to be the Children of Gabriel.

Murphy is saved in the beginning, but he dies, and when he is brought back somehow he remembers that he went to Hell. So he has to deal with the fact that his choices might have lead him to a place that is darker than he expected.

Also Delilah shares with Jordan about what a Naming Day is and what it means for her. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Russell: Are you the leader of your people or not?
Bellamy: She is. She can speak for us.

Jordan: That is so cool. I read that it preserves the purity of the fruit.
Murphy: You need to work on your game, kid. I owe your pops at least that much.
Delilah: His game is just fine.