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Jordan tricks Priya into revealing that she isn't Delilah and he decides he wants to find out what is going on. Murphy and Bellamy don't believe him but follow him when he goes into the most sacred place in Sanctum and discovers the skeletons.

Josephine is told to pretend to be Clarke so she follows them there and they all end up in the lab. They see a video of the first Josephine ever created after the original. They realize what these people are doing and grow worried.

Josephine tries to convince them that everything is okay but Bellamy is suspicious when she says they should just stay. He uses Trig to discover that she isn't Clarke, and she paralyzes him. She then seeks out Murphy and tells him who she is, then offers him immortality in exchange for him coming to her side. He agrees.

Octavia and Diyoza end up stuck in a quicksand like substance because of Xavier. It takes all day for them to be there because they struggle and then there is a change in the atmosphere and everyone but Octavia is able to hide. Her story ends with there being something wrong with her hand.

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Consent is key. Blah de blah. Tell me something. Did this Ferrari I'm wearing consent to giving up her body?


Bellamy: What the hell are you doing?
Jordan: What you would have done, the you before Praimfaya anyway. Heart over head. That was my favorite Bellamy.