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Diyoza and Octavia find out that Xavier is Gabriel on their way to the Anomaly. Diyoza ends up going into it when she isn't meant to, leaving her faith up to speculation. Octavia follows her but comes back fully healed.

The group plans how to save Clarke but Josephine tries to get ahead of them. Murphy tells Emori what is going on but at the last second she turns on them and helps Bellamy escape with Josephine to find Gabriel to bring Clarke back.

Murphy is injured and so is Jordan when Madi decides to kill all the Primes to get Clarke back, but fails and Jordan defends Priya and gets hurt in the process. 

Abby wants to use a guy named Gavin to put Kane in him. Raven refuses to do the spacewalk o help make the nightblood to make that happen, but gives in when she realizes Gavin is dead and Abby would be too. So Raven chooses to help Abby with the walk and Kane comes back in his new body, meaning his old body is done with.

Russell finds out that Josephine is missing and sends his guards with guns to go find her, even if it means killing the others. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Either you let Murphy die in a doomed attempt to save her (Clarke), starting a war with my father. Or we stay friends and live happily ever after. Take a minute to think it over.


An innocent man is dead because of you, the way I see it, letting you die too would only make things worse. I couldn't save my mother. But, I can save you.