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We see how Hope was raised after Octavia and Diyoza were taken. Dev is a prisoner who arrives to Skyring and he bonds with Hope. He trains her and helps her prepare to save her family. He plans to help her but when the team goes to bring him back to Bardo, Hope pauses and he dies. 

The trio on Skyring work on getting Orlando to help them. They try to get him to come to them, but then fake Hope drowning so he runs to save her.

Slowly they get him to agree to help them get into Bardo, only if they don't kill his people. Everything is planned out and five years later they are ready. But Hope kills one of them and Echo kills the rest. Echo also decides they have to leave Orlando behind by himself, making him kill himself after they leave for Bardo.

Meanwhile the group in Sanctum find Captain Meredith who tells them he knows where their missing friends are. He only wants Clarke since she is the key to the last war the human race will ever wage.

As she heads to him though he says her people killed on Skyring so things go south. Raven kills all the Bardo people and they plan to use a mask she has to travel to find Bellamy and the others. But they choose a planet on random and end up on another planet in general, and they can't go anywhere until they find a stone.

Gaia asks to stay behind on Sanctum to watch Madi but is knocked out and then goes with a masked disciple into the Anomaly. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

The shadow of the Shepherd for all mankind. He saved us from the fire that consumed the Earth and the light of the Shepherd ..."


I'm not dead, I'm invisible! You're dead! And that really hurts.