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The Dark Commander and Indra are still at odds. Nelson tries to talk to her but she is busy focused on guns that were stolen from them. She thinks it is Nikki, who confirms that she wants revenge against Raven for killing Hatch. The only way for Indra to get them back is to have the grounders all together again, so she asks Madi to tell them to follow her. 

Madi becomes overwhelmed and Murphy and Emori convince Indra to take that role on. She does and she gets her control back.

Meanwhile, Nelson visits "Russell" and gets told to side with Eligius so that he could get what he wants.

Clarke and the group in Nakara have to find the Anomaly Stone on this planet. They realize it is a planet where people dump their dead; specifically Bardo. They find the rock that has the stone but their adventures there quickly make them realize that they are actually in a creature. Raven and Clarke share a moment about the people they had to kill. The group reunites and they go into the Anomaly. 

We follow Diyoza's time in Bardo, where she is tortured but figures out how to escape. She runs into Hope, Octavia, Gabriel, and Echo and they try to find a way out. Levitt tells Octavia to go out into the actual outside part of Bardo, but with Echo killing everyone and it being a risk Gabriel says no. He stops them and surrenders to Bardo. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Murphy: Can we at least watch?
Indra: No.
Murphy: I'ma watch ...

Clarke: Human.
Jordan: Bummer. What? Seeing an alien would be awesome.