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The emotional stress of extramarital relationships is explored when a married schoolteacher starts and affair with a waitress. 

Noah is swimming at the local pool, and a girl comes onto him. He goes home to his wife, Helen, and starts to get randy. She doesn't think they have time, but they give it a go only to be interrupted by the kids.

They're going to go to her father's summer house in the Hamptons. The older son doesn't want to go. He's a pain in the ass and when he plays a horrible prank on his father, it's hard to like him. 

Helen's dad is a braggart. He is condescending and rude to his son-in-law.

When Noah gets upset when Helen laughs during sex, he's turned off and their son runs in when she tries to instigate it again. He goes out for a walk and runs into sexy Alison on the beach. She even wants to show him her outdoor shower, with her naked inside it.

After the shower scene, Noah takes his leave, but returns long enough to see Alison having sex with a man up against her car.

We switch to Alison's perspective. She is loved by her husband, but seems to have a hard time accepting it. She struggles upon meeting Noah and his family because they are a family.

After her shift, she visits the cemetery. That's where her son Gabriel is buried. He was four. Putting rocks on a gravestone is a Jewish custom.

We continue with the story of Alison from her perspective.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Noah: I, I was a happy man back then. Proud of my family. My first book had just come out. Everything I dreamed I'd achieve as a young man, I'd done it.
Det; Jeffries: But.
Noah: That's just it. There is no but. When I look back, I can't tell you why it happened.

Noah: When's she going to college?
Helen: Twelve years.