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The Butler Estate prepares for their annual summer party while Noah and Alison begin to consider an inevitability. 

Part 1 - Noah

Noah had no idea she was married when he first met her. She didn't mention it and seemed like the loneliest girl in the world. He claims he thought she was bad news (as he thought again of her short dress and ass hanging out of her dress). He claims he went out of his way to avoid her.

Noah claims he wasn't thinking about her at all, yet that's all he thinks about, including while he masturbates in the shower to her bent over the car. Helen pops into the bathroom hoping to join Noah in the shower. He turns her down.

Everyone is in the kitchen for breakfast. Granddad is winning at chess over Trevor and Whitney wants a cappuccino. Grandma freaks out when Noah goes near the machine. They're overbearing.

At the farmers' market, Noah sees Alison. He calls her trouble. He begins a conversation with her that her friend wonders is they know each other.

On the way home from the market, Helen wonders if everything is OK and their little girl Stacy wants to sign up for some horseback riding lessons. It's the Lockhart ranch. Martin wants to be the ranch hand. Colin Donnell is one of the Lockhart brothers!

Noah recalls to Det. Jeffries that he proposed to Helen mainly because he didn't know who to love.

Helen asks what dress she should wear, and deliberately picks a dress other than the one Noah chooses.

Helen is pissed off because the woman her dad had an affair with is at the party. She's freaking out, dropping F bombs and cursing like a sailor. She should have worn the other dress.

Noah is shocked to see Alison at the party, acting as a waitress, and he's pissed when Bruce essentially calls her a whore preying on poor schmucks at the party in her tight dress.

Noah tracks Alison down outside the garage smoking some weed. He takes her somewhere to smoke it. Out to the beach, although he needs to go through a gated door to get there. The code is Helen's birthday, but he barely gets it right. Alison frolics in the water and then they talk about his book on the beach.

He recalls her caressing his hand while she suggests living a little. They chat and he says he's married and it means something to him. She finally reveals she's married too, and walks off.

Jeffries asks what else happened that night. He apologized to his father-in-law and went to sleep with his wife. He wonders why it's relevant. He's gathering a little background on the people who knew the victim and how they're connected to each other to see if anyone had a motive to kill the fella.

Noah winds up back at the beach door and Alison is there. She didn't know Helen's birthday. Noah kisses her passionately.

Part 2 - Alison

She's riding her bike again. This time she's on her way to the docks. She's getting fish from a fisherman. He tells her she looks better and his mother sends his love, praying for her and Cole.

Alison delivers the fish somewhere and the guy is reading Bruce's book. She says she doesn't like that guy. She also reminds him that Cole asked her to keep that door locked. He thinks nobody is coming by. It appears to be a train station. Her last name is Bailey.

She heads to work and looks for Oscar. He's been kicked out again. She wants her check but it's not on the board. She has to get to the Farmer's Market and finds out there is a call for catering at Bruce Butler's. She at first turns down the job.

Alison's friend tells her she was asked to have a threesome by Hal. She shivers about a lot of the kinkier stuff.

Alison and Noah both have different outfits on at the farmer's market. Noah says he was hoping to see her again so they could continue talking. Even the amount of the the purchase is different. Mary Kate introduces herself and Alison. Are they sisters? No 'in law,' married to brothers.

Alison sees Cole at the ranch. She walks up and kisses him. He tells her he loves to see that smile.

Whitney drives up honking her horn. She's looking for Martin. Martin passed the test and will be their new ranch hand.

Geri (Cherry?) comes to the house to see Alison. She's so proud of both her and Cole for how remarkably they have handled the situation. She wants to clean out the boys rooms so Alison and Cole can move back in if they have another baby. It might be nice to have some help the next time around.

Suddenly, Alison wants to go to the catering event. She needs to borrow a dress because hers are all dirty. She seems uncomfortable in the dress, pulling it down over her thighs. She wonders if she looks like a prostitute.

She spots Noah and Helen. Helen is wearing a completely different dress than the two she showed Noah in his version. Alison is approached by Helen's mother who remembers Alison from the terrible article in the paper. She's the woman who lost her baby. Is she taking care of herself? She's trying. She even offers a Valium. She then offers Alison a thousand dollars to spill a drink on Bruce. She takes it over, but Noah takes it before she can spill it. Helen asks for something from Alison and then fixes her dress for her, noting it couldn't be tighter.

Scotty is there, with Whitney. They're preparing to walk up the stairs and Alison stops them before Noah happens by. Noah asks if she wants to get out of there. Out on the beach she says she's never been to one of those beaches and can't swim.

Noah brings up the incident in the driveway. Married people don't fuck like that. They start talking about marriage and Noah shares that even though he loved his wife so much when they married, he would have waited longer and discovered more about himself before he married. He talks about time travel, and if you had the chance to go back in time and make a different decision. Your old life would continue, but the new choice would split off into a parallel universe, so you could, in a way, live both lives.

Noah tells her he's been thinking about her all week and asks if she has done the same. Of course. She wants him to kiss her and they do, passionately.

Alison wonders if Jeffries is talking to everyone who was at the party that night. She doesn't think it was anyone at the party that ran him down. Everyone at the party was local, but the road he died on leads to one of the new fancy clubs that tourists like to go to. She can't imagine anyone from the party would be headed that way. Jeffries says, she was.

She tells Jeffries she drove back into the city that night, but she's next shown walking down the street the night of the party, almost driven down herself.


The Affair
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The Affair Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Helen: Want some company?
Noah: Ah. Not really.
Helen: Gee, thanks.
Noah: I'm just taking some me time.
Helen: You know, you're not as fun as you used to be.
Noah: I was never fun and you've become more fun. I think that's the problem.

Anyway, the point is I wasn't thinking about her at all.