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Part One: Noah

Noah is at a nightclub, "The End," the same one he told Det. Jeffries he had never been to before. He's meeting a friend, Max. Max asks Noah for 40 bucks and then buys cocaine from the cab driver. Noah passes on a line.

Noah tells Max the book is pouring out of him. Max admits all he ever read was the dedication of Noah's first book. They wonder how they managed to bag their hot wives, and Max thinks the greatest thing that ever happened to him is his separation from his wife.

Alison shows up in a read dress, acting as if she's meeting them both for the first time. Max points out he's less married than Noah and Alison orders a glass of champagne.

At the end of the night, Max wants to go get the girl. Noah talks him out of it and goes back inside to dance the night away with Angela.

They make their way to a bedroom and proceed to have sex and get a shower together. Noah mentions his family is going back to the city next week. Alison doesn't want to talk about it. Alison leaves, but not before changing her clothes and having a talk about having sex with their spouses. It seems Alison is still active while Noah is not. 

When she takes off on her bike, Noah notices she isn't going in the direction of home and follows her. Noah follows her to the dock to get her cooler and then to the train station taxi stop. Noah almost gets into an accident with a taxi.

Noah gets home in the morning. Helen wonders how Max is. A disaster.

Helen wakes up Noah because Martin isn't there. He had already biked to the ranch. Helen is going to take the kids to lunch at the Lobster Roll. Noah begs off to write. Helen thinks they should go to therapy with Whitney. Noah's been distant and doesn't want to screw her anymore.

She decides her parents can take the kids to dinner. Noah assures Helen she's the best lay.

At the Lobster Roll, Max joins them and wonders why Noah partied so much later than he did. Max spots Alison and wants to go chat her up. Noah tells her she's married and calls him an idiot. Noah catches up with Alison in the bathroom and they make out.

When Noah returns to the table, Max has been crying about Val and the boys. Noah goes into the Lobster Roll and apologizes to Oscar. he wants to pick Oscar's brain about the town a bit while Helen and the kids go off with Max. Oscar shares he popped Alison's cherry. 

While they're talking, Scotty comes in and an argument between Scotty and Oscar ensues. Scotty takes some money out of the register after some choice words and Oscar follows him outside. They briefly tussle physically.

Oscar calls the cops in the kitchen to tell them there is shady activity happening at the taxi stand.

Noah is stunned to learn the Lockharts may be drug dealers and immediately heads over to the ranch. He wants to talk to Alison.

He confronts her about the drugs. He says he followed her. She says he's crazy, but when he tells her Oscar called the police, she wants to know how he knows. She sends Noah off and then tells Cole.

Alison and Cole take off upon hearing about what Oscar did.

Noah goes home, grabs Helen and smothers himself in her, slamming her up against the dresser. They get extraordinarily passionate and say how much they missed each other.

Part Two: Alison

Alison wakes up and checks the time. She heads into the shower and Noah comes in to pee. Too soon, he asks. It's ten to five in the morning and she has somewhere to be. She goes to the dock and calls for Will. He's not there and the new guy isn't answering any questions.

At the taxi stand, Caleb has a woman in there with him. They enter the room with the locked door and he pulls on a shovel handle, revealing a hidden room. Alison lets Caleb know about Will. It's weird, he admits.

Back at the ranch, Alison runs into Cole and Scotty with their new horse. She notices Martin sleeping in one of the stalls. He says he just wanted to help with the new horse. Cole asks him to the family breakfast. He makes it seem like his parents don't care that he's missing. 

Cole mentions Noah and they talk about him a bit. Martin thinks he's lame because he's a teacher. Cole suggests maybe it's because he's a dad.

When Helen calls, she covers for Martin. She begins to bad mouth Helen for not noticing Martin was missing. Her mother in law disagrees, guessing she has a lot on her mind with four children.

Cole is teaching Martin to ride. Alison is reminded of Gabriel.

Later, when Alison gets off of work, she finds a note in the basket from Noah. He wants to meet at Phoebe's. That's where she recalls the discussion about being a drug dealer. She lights up a cigarette. He wonders what the hell she's going dealing drugs. She doesn't care what happens to her, whether she lives or dies or goes to jail. She just doesn't care. 

Noah says she will be going to jail. He wonders why she never told him. She shares their rules about drug dealing. The don't do it or take it to the ranch and they never sell to kids. He thinks that's just great.

He has something else to tell her, and it propels Alison back to the ranch. She gets Cole and they go the taxi station and clean it. Cole plans on taking the drugs to the ranch and burying them, even though Al thinks they should just dump it.

Alison waits with Caleb for the cops to come. Oscar comes instead. He says someone has been spreading some rumors about him calling the police. He likes to pretend and imagine what he would say if he did call the police. 

Oscar then lets Alison know he knows about her affair. That's pretty clever of him, but he shouldn't have riled up the Lockharts. Back at the ranch, Cole and Scotty are talking. Cole will allow Oscar to have the bowling alley if that will get him off their backs and they'll stay in business.

Alison begs Cole to sell the ranch so they can start new lives. They can finally move on. From what, he demands. There is no moving on.

Martin comes in with news that he opened up the stable and the mare got away. That's when we see Cole really slip as he manhandles Martin in anger. Scotty and Cole ride off to find the mare.

Alison drives Martin home, asking why he let the horse go. He wonders if she ever does things and just doesn't know why.

Noah meets Alison outside the house. She apologizes to Noah. She doesn't want that life anymore. She wants to start over again, with Noah. He's thought about it, too, and he'd have to be insane to keep this going after what he learned. He ends it right there on the spot. 

The Affair
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The Affair Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Noah: I need to know how someone in Montauk would score some drugs.
Whitney: Score some drugs. Wow.

Alison: I could be your mistress.
Noah: I don't like that word.
Alison: What would you prefer?
Noah: Concubine.