A Momentous Decision - The Affair
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Cole is testifying about the time Noah and Scotty fought. Gottlief wonders what he thinks of Noah. Does he want him to be punished for what Noah wrote vs. what he's actually accused of doing?

Part One: Cole

Cole and Luisa are on their way to Montauk. She's going to meet his mother. He stops at the Lobster Roll.

Then they're having sex. There hasn't been a call from her boss in 45 minutes. That's what gives him the idea to buy the Lobster Roll. She wants nothing fancy, but someplace that means something to the people that go there.

Luisa goes outside to get soap and his mother is the maid. Everyone is a little embarrassed.

At the house, the first official meeting doesn't go all that great, either. Scotty walks in and looks like holy hell night. He has saved $37k to buy the Lobster Roll. Cole suggests he go to rehab. 

Luisa and her mother are meeting with Cole and Cherry at Margaret Butler's house. Margaret wants to have the wedding there. Miranda has taken place of the house for 30 years, it's the least she can do. It's essentially empty. Margaret cannot believe he's a Lockhart. She says he must be the one who pulled a gun on Noah Solloway. She's come to a time in her life when she knows a little forgiveness goes a long way.

Cole talks to Luisa about the Lobster Roll. He admits they do have that kind of money. He thought they could ask Alison. Cole says that if what's holding her back is that she's worried he's going to get back with his ex, she need not worry about. It's never going to happen. He'll do whatever she wants. 

Cole and Alison got the place in the auction. Scotty is there and happy as hell. But they have no intention of letting him into the deal. He is so strung out. Everything he wants in his life, Cole takes from him. But he's the junkie, he's the loser...well, she's pathological! He could tell Cole something that would fuck up Cole's entire life. Cole throws Scotty down onto the ground and Cole stars to cry, clutching onto his bag of money. 

Cole promises to bring him in as long as he goes to rehab. Cole drives Scotty home, asking him what he could have told him that would fuck up his entire life. Scotty doesn't answer.

Part Two: Noah

Noah wakes up and gets his coffee, retiring to his new office...the bathroom. The novel is called "Good."

He has written nothing and it's time for Alison to shower. Alison says everybody is awake, and she's put in some coffee for him.

She wants to talk to him this morning, he wants to do it tonight. He wishes her luck on her final.

Harry wants to ger his book on the shelves this Christmas. Valentine's? Then he wonders if he's sleeping at all. Harry can't believe Noah can't get out of the city. 

Harry wants Noah to write Ascent, the second in a series. Maybe his attempt to follow Omar Bradley to Paris is his ego speaking and not his heart.

Noah goes to the classroom where the final is being held. he professor tells Noah he dropped his class before the midterm. Uh oh.

Oscar texts Noah a photo of Cole and Alison on the same day, which just so happens to be the day the Lobster Roll went on sale. Oscar wonders whose money she used to buy the place. Noah kind of goes overboard about Alison buying the Lobster Roll. He tells Max he lost her and can't be found.

He wonders if she's an evil person or something. Max wonders why Noah only comes around when he's having a tough time. Eventually it comes down to Max fucking his wife. Whoops. Max admits he loves Helen. He always has. He thought maybe it was always meant to happen and had to take his chance. Noah's rage at the thought of Max with Helen seemed pretty apparent. He still loves Helen.

Alison calls Noah. They meet a the Lobster Roll. She planned on telling him this morning, but he was distracted. The damage from the affair is never ending. They'll never trust each other.

Present. Prosecution has a witness. It's Max. Noah was hosing off his car. The floodlights were on at his house and it was certainly him. The little smile Max gives to Noah makes it appear as if it's payback for no longer being friends.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

To buy the restaurant? You, me and your ex?


Scotty: Oh, the prodigal son returns.
Cole: Jesus Christ, Scotty. You look like shit.