Helen and Max - The Affair
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Noah is pissed off in court when he is spoken down to about everything he has done wrong, so he decides to pursue half of Helen's assets, which includes the house. She is less than impressed and returns home to her mother, who informs her that her father has fell in love with someone else. 

Margaret and Whitney leave, leaving Helen in the house alone. Max drops by and brings a present. He lets slip that gave Noah money and it leads to a confused Helen calling time on their fling. Helen gets drunk and takes the drugs he gave her. She then goes to her store and pesters a customer to but something and throws expletives at her as she leaves the store. 

Helen then goes to get her hair done and is very crude to the woman, while pouring all of her feelings out. She gets a call from her kid saying she should have picked him up and she realizes she has messed her days up. 

When she gets there, she parks in a disabled spot and when asked to move, she crashes the car after telling Stacy to move the toy from the back of the car. The police officer notices the drugs in her bag and arrests her. 

Noah shows up and grills her, before taking the kids home and then deciding to go to his sister's house, but gets pissed when she grills him about what he's hoping to achieve with Alison.

He stays in a motel and after a health scare, Alison shows up with beer. 

At court, Noah's request to move the trial somewhere else is rejected. 

The Affair
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The Affair Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Helen: Noah wants money.
Margaret: I'm sorry?
Helen: Were you gonna ask how the hearing was, or are you gonna talk some more about your hair dos?

Helen: Maybe. If you stop saying paramore.
John: If I?
Helen: I mean, what the fuck was that, John? You said it fourteen times.
John: Well, it happens to be the legal term for it, but if you prefer I could say concubine. Fuck buddy? Slut face?
Helen: How 'bout cunt? Cunt works for me.