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Part One: Helen

The kids have to go see the Yankees with Noah, but Margaret doesn't see why Helen has to uphold the order when he's a sex addict. Helen reminds her she's not exactly in the best position to bargain right now. She considers a Yankees game barging in and dragging the kids to the Bronx. 

Meanwhile, Martin is having stomach issues again. Margaret says he's fine. Helen thinks he should stay home. Noah arrives and Margaret starts arguing with him about Martin, saying the mind and the gut are connected. Noah thinks he needs to see a specialist and offers to take him to Max's gastro guy. Margaret butts in again. 

Helen tries to talk to her mother about her parents' marriage, but she won't talk about it. They're meeting with Joh Gottlief about Helen's "situation." Helen doesn't say one word until she notes she doesn't want to put the kids through anything. 

While Bruce and Margaret are arguing, Helen gets a call. Martin's on his way to the emergency room.

Helen gets to the hospital and reception is backed up with a huge line. Noah arrives and Martin is doubled over. They want them to wait in line but Martin starts throwing up green bile. A doctor takes him to a room. They know how to fix it. He has a perforated bowel. It's been two months. Noah asks where he wants to go for vacation next. Not Montauk. Hawaii, he says, and Helen and Noah both say Aloha as he's wheeled into surgery.

The two of them start to argue heatedly over Alison and more, but they're saved when the surgeon comes out. It went well. They took out part of the bowel. He likely has chron's disease. It's related to MS, which Noah's mom had. It's chronic, but treatable, and Martin will lead a long and healthy life with proper treatment.

In Martin's room, Helen doesn't want to fight anymore. She wants it to stop, for them to go back to mediation. Noah should have co-custody. Noah should have that, and he should have "her" too. He's an excellent father. She'll do better. She wants him to call Alison back. 

At home, Helen finally lets loose on Margaret. She almost lost her son because she listened to her mom. Yet Margaret doesn't hear her even when Helen makes it abundantly clear what she means. Helen tells her mom she knows she wanted her marriage to fail because hers was a sham, and she was jealous. Well, she loved Noah very much for who he was, and how her life is ruined. She wants her to get out. Leave. 

Before she leaves, Margaret says Bruce is divorcing her. Helen says she's sorry. Inside, Whitney wonders if she's OK. Helen breaks down in her arms.

Helen is talking with Jon Gottlief about the evidence Oscar gave to him. He says it's on Scotty and could blow the case wide open. He wants $100 grand to release it. Helen will pay it, she'll sell the house to do it. Whatever it takes to free Noah. She'll do it.

Part Two: Noah

Noah is sleeping in Helen's house. They're taking turns staying with Martin. Today's the day Martin comes home. When it's time to leave, Noah says it was the best ten days ever.

The next weekend the kids can come and stay with him. Whitney decides to pass on the two bedroom experience. Helen offers to allow Noah to stay there while she leaves for the weekend. When he leaves, he seems sad to do so.

Noah's next stop, with flowers, is the Susanna Institute. Her mom is staying there with her. Athena asks him how Martin's "humors" are, and he rightly wonders what the hell she's talking about. Allison is in the lake or river or something. It's a nude beach, but she has on a bikini. She's very happy to see him. Her friends, Brendan and George, are naked.

Noah apologizes to Allison for never quite appreciating what she went through with Gabriel until he went through with what he did with Martin. When he tells her the divorce is over, she gives a very blase response. Then she admits she read his book. Just passages. She's sex, supple breasts, and it's all sex. He wanted the chance to explain it to her first. Why? Because it's a happy ending. He promises he's the asshole in the book. Won't she read it all first before she judges? Nope. She doesn't want to and doesn't think it will be a very good idea.

She understands now why he might think she was just sex. Since Gabriel died, she just stopped talking to people. Sex became a way of feeling things without caring about anybody. Using reckless behavior to feel alive. Her friend Sebastian agrees. She hasn't had sex in about six weeks and her head just feels really clear. 

He leased her the place she loved in Crown Heights. But now she loves it at the Institute. She's learning a lot. Why doesn't he stay with her? He hears the changing and bells ringing and wants to rip his hair out. Everywhere he goes, he hears more that he doesn't want to hear. Then he starts getting bitten by bugs. The great outdoors doesn't suit him.

Athena thinks Noah should feel great knowing that Alison is at peace with the universe. But he's not. Aha, because he was used to seeing her messed up and he fell in love with her in the darkness, so he's not ready to see her balanced. He just wants to get the fuck out of here. Alison then introduces her to her friend, Sebastian. Junger, who wrote Perfect Storm. Reiki helps him to concentrate. 

Noah underwent a session with Athena which was very uncomfortable when she went to the root chakra which was just above his penis. While he's on his stomach, he sees his vision and the woman in the road is Alison. It's the end of his book. 

Proving that He sees her mostly as sex, Noah takes her to a tree and fucks her, her face buried in the tree.

Called it. She's pregnant.

Did you see the guilty look on his face when he realized he just soiled the mother of his child in that way? Damn.

He changed the ending of his book to be the one in which he kills her. 




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