An Array of Challenges - The Affair
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Allison is cleaning out the refrigerator. She appears to be nesting. There is news of a hurricane.

Helen is in a bar waiting for a "date" from Tinder. The waitress tells her to try, where the divorcees hang out. A dude at the bar asks if he knows her. From where? Oh, Dr. Oola. He operated on her son. Dude is hot. She was going to get him a gift of thanks. Alcohol is good. Does he prefer red or white? Whisky. It gets him drunk quicker. 

He finds it fascinated that married women use Tinder. She says that's surprising since he has a front row seat at her divorce. They're all being kicked out because of an emergency alert. Subways being closed down at 9. Doc wants Helen's number. She doesn't want him to ask her on a date. What? She'll go on a date with any rando but won't with him? What is a date but an interview for sex? OK. Will she have sex with him? Yep. So she takes him home and they do it in the basement.

Martin comes home. He's not pleased to see the doctor there, even less when he's willing to help Helen show her a better way to give him his shots. No! Well, alright. Maybe. Helen wonders if Doc is a good guy who acts like a dick or a dick who acts like a good guy. He has no answer for her. At least not one she want to hear. He depresses her. She cries in her room. And that doesn't scare him away.

She kinda mentally collapses, asking him how her life happened. His easy answer? She got a divorce. She realizes she sometimes hates being a mother. While he's talking to her, he gets a Tinder message. She tells him to get out. But he stays to give Martin the shot anyway. And the shot was alright. 

The boys are watching TV and Helen offers for the doc to stay. He'd rather drown.

Allison is having contractions. She calls the doctor and is suddenly in the hospital. Her doctor can't make it, so Dr. Damato, a 33-year-old, will help her. Allison hopes it's Braxton Hicks, but she's five centimeters dilated. 

At 7pm, Noah and Eden are chatting in the car about Descent being made into a movie. George Clooney is going to be wherever they are to meet Noah. He wants to do the movie. The phone is ringing, but Noah can't find his phone. Eden says it will be there when they get back. Keith Richards is there. 

A guy named Rodney Callahan greets them. He wants to slap Eden on the ass. She accepts it. Weird. Rodney loved that Noah mixed high art with good old fashioned fucking. Noah does a line of coke. There's just one thing he wants to discuss with Noah. That ending. Would he consider changing it for the ending? Jennifer Lawrence isn't going to want to be dragged under the minivan. Like the two of them sitting down to dinner with an unimaginable secret between them? That was his original...he loves that idea!

Max is at the party. Of course. Max has been giving a lot of thought to the role of Allison. Sasha Grey. Came out in the adult cinema world and is now a complete actress. Noah wants Max gone. Does Noah remember who lent him $50k? Max reminds him he was supposed to be the asshole and Noah the good guy. Someone says anyone who was supposed to leave before the storm should get going now. Roads are going to be closed. 

Noah and Eden begin dancing and coking out. Eden entices Noah into staying, but even is he had decided to go, the roads would have already been closed. There is an entire household of fucked up people who are going to have a giant orgy. Eden goes upstairs. Noah is to meet her up there in 15.

Noah sees "An American Dream" by Norman Mailer on the end table and grins.

Noah starts wandering around the house. There are naked people in the indoor pool. He decides to join them. He's really fucked up. His vision is very blurry. He's just treading water and looking around. He gets into the hot tub and Whitney is in there, kissing a girl. She screams at him. What the fuck?! Get out! Get out! He grabs his keys and heads out into the rain. He's leaving. In the car, he sees all the missed calls from Allison. 

On the road, there are downed trees and even a road block. He goes around it, getting his suv stuck in a giant puddle. He breaks down in tears, sobbing on the side of the road. 

At 10pm, Allison is trying to keep the baby from arriving. As Allison goes into hard labor, the electricity gos out in the hospital. 

Cole is at the house, watching Luisa dance as she tells stories about it. He's having a hard time paying attention. He's getting ready to move. Luisa had to do everything that was Allison's responsibility, and it didn't make Cole happy. Luisa asks for a little thank you. They have sex. He forgot condoms. Luisa says it's OK.

Luisa wonders what is next for Cole. He'll have a lot of money, and it will be hard for her to keep coming to Montauk. He's never considered moving to the city. The eye of the storm moves in, giving them about 30 minutes. He shows Luisa the notches on the wall for Gabriel. He wonders if he should take it with him. Yes. Maybe they can make notches for their own kids someday. That's when Luisa tells him she's infertile. 

When she was 22 she had fibroids. Without insurance, a shoddy doctor took her fibroids and left her with so many scars she cannot grow a baby in there. He can't believe it. The curse is real. He angrily goes into the house to get the Gabriel's chart. Luisa, meanwhile, is angry that she's blaming her scars on his family's curse. 

To make matters worse, she says at least Scotty is trying, which is more than she can say for Cole. She even says driving a cab is a bad thing. He says goodbye and she drives off into the eye of the storm. Cole continues to try getting the board off.

At 2am, Allison is struggling to give birth. She doesn't want this baby. She doesn't want to push. She's fighting the birth because she doesn't want it.

Cole is drinking his family's moonshine as the storm rages on. He makes a mark for himself high above Gabriel's on the wall. 

Allison gives birth while the baby struggles to live. Cole holds his head in his hands. He sees Gabriel outside. "Daddy, come into the water with me." Cole collapses on the ground as Allison pushes harder. Cole drinks more moonshine, then pours it on the floor of the house. He sets it on fire. Alison's baby girl is born. 



The Affair
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The Affair Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Helen: You're welcome to stay here, wait out the storm.
Dr. Oola [looks at the boys in the living room]: I'd rather drown.

Dr. Oola: So you'll accept a date with some rando on the internet, but you won't go out with me?
Helen: I mean, what is a date, really, it''s just an interview for sex?
Dr. Oola: OK. Would you like to have sex with me?
Helen: Sure.