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Part One: Alison

Noah and Alison meet on the street. He came to see her, to surprise her.

She's worried Cole will see him. Noah tells her he was stabbed, but she already knows.

She can't be seen with him. She gives him her address and tells him to meet at her place, but not to park that red car at her house. Who gets out of prison and buys a red car?

Alison tells Noah Joanie is intense. She also says he looks awful. He says he feels great. He didn't see who stabbed him.

Alison is talking with Noah, who falls asleep in the middle of a sentence.

Later, he's in Joanie's bed and Alison sees him taking muscle relaxers. She's worried because they're addictive.

Noah is making breakfast in the morning. She has no idea why he's doing that, or why he'd suggest going to Block Island for the day.

She hands him divorce papers. He thinks it's a big thing to drop on him. He's not ready to give up on them yet.

Cole is coming into the house. Alison panics and wants him to leave, shoving him out the back door. Noah protests and doesn't want to.

Cole isn't OK. He's there to talk about what they did. Luisa is a good woman. He's not going to hurt her the way Alison hurt him.

Cole wants to give Alison shared custody. Alison doesn't understand why he can't just tell the judge she's OK and he trusts her to share custody of Joanie. He can't. There's a process.

Noah bribes Alison into going to Block Island. He'll sign the papers at the end of the day if she still wants it.

Noah wonders who would be such a giant dick as to take a child away from their own mother. He doesn't know the whole story. Alison doesn't want him to speak ill of Cole.

Alison asks if Noah has seen Helen. Does she know Alison was there? Why didn't Noah let her go to the police? Scotty was attacking her. It was self defense. It's almost like he wanted to go to prison.

Noah finds a house with a hot tub. He wants to get in. He strips and gets in after he finds wine. She's worried about trespassing. He's on parole.

She acquiesces and they get in, unfortunately facing the house because of the camera angle. In reality, they'd be facing the other way.

He wonders about moving to Montauk. She wants a divorce. He starts explaining about being a jerk and what he wants now.

She has yet to explain why she needs a divorce, that she cannot regain custody of Joanie without divorcing him.

When he says she was the best thing that ever happened to him, she says he's rewriting history. They fell into each other because of their circumstances. They used each other.

The owners of the house come home and they miss the ferry, having to beg to stay at a B&B that's already closed for the season.

Noah will sign the divorce papers, but he wants her to know that he did love her. It might have been a mistake from the start, and he definitely fucked up, but she can't say it wasn't real for him.

While laying in bed in their Block Island sweatshirts, she admits to Noah she left him for six months. She's not OK. She has moments of such darkness she doesn't know how she'll get past them. She's making one bad decision after another. Can she ever be a good mother?

Noah's mother was sick. She couldn't do anything. But he just needed to know she was there. If Alison can just manage to stick around and never leave again, that will be enough.

Part Two: Noah

She went to see him in prison just before he was released. She told him she would not have him to come home to and if he comes back into her life she will not regain custody of Joanie.

Former hot Guard thinks Alison is even hotter than he imagined. He's all over humiliating Noah about his relationship and what he should be thinking about.

Gunther takes the book Noah was writing about swimmer Jack Hunter.

Noah wakes up to see the window and what appears to be bars on it. He thinks he sees Gunther outside iin the parking lot so goes to investigate Nobody is there.

In front of the fire, Noah tells Alison about the death of his dad. Alison knows nothing at all about her dad.

Noah got a full ride to Williams but couldn't go. Nobody else was there to take care of his mother.

Noah's mother decided to die, but she couldn't do it herself. So he crushed up the pills and fed her the yogurt as if she were his child.

When he wondered why he was still so in love with Alison all those days he spent in prison, he realized she was the only other person he had ever met who watched someone she loved die.

They make love.

In prison, Gunther didn't like the pages based on him. So he "had sex" with Alison, returning a giz-covered photo.

The divorce papers are signed. Alison walks him out. It's goodbye.

Noah follows her to The Lobster Roll to see Alison pick up Joanie.

Someone rams Noah at a stoplight. It's Gunther. Noah speeds up and tries to get out in front of the situation, but another car drives him off the road and he crashes. Except there was no crash from the rear and the entire incident, outside of his own crash, was in his head.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

So I'm healthy enough to fuck but not to be the mother of our child.


Noah: It's nice to see me just a little bit, though, right?
Alison: Night.

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