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Cole is waiting by his truck as Noah shows up, claiming that Alison has been missing for weeks. The two get in the car and drive off. 

Six weeks earlier. 

Part One: Noah

Noah is on his way to work, and calls Helen to let her know he will be attending Trevor's school event, but Helen rushes him off the phone because she's getting the kids ready for school. 

Noah is quizzed by his students about whether he''s married, and he admits he was married twice, but single. A kid in the class's phone goes off and Noah warns him to switch it off. 

Noah then grills Anton about not participating and tells him to read a chapter of the book. But the principal walks in as an argument kicks off between the two. 

The other kid's phone goes off again, and Noah is put on the spot as it emerges that he allowed the kid to keep his phone. 

Noah makes his way to Trevor's school, but is left out of the event because he is not on the register. He waits outside, and Vic invites him to dinner with them. 

Noah turns up late, and interrupts a conversation. Helen then chats with him in the toilet, saying that Trevor is gay and that he needs to get a grip because everything is not about him. 

Noah asks the kids if they want to spend time with him, but they essentially decline. 

Noah reads papers from the trampoline.

Noah grills Anton about forging another paper at the school, but he finds out the kid did not. Anton says, "Fuck you" to Noah and storms off. 

Part Two: Helen

Helen is not impressed with her life in Los Angeles. It's far too different from her life in New York, but tries her best. 

She keeps thinking an earthquake is going off, and it takes meeting her therapist to confirm that it was all Noah. 

Helen clashes with Priya, Vic's mother because he's apparently losing weight at an alarming rate. 

Helen meets with Sierra, the next door neighbor who is a little too nosey for comfort. 

In the end, Vic drops down after brushing his teeth, and it looks like he could be dead. 

The Affair
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The Affair Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Vic: I thought you were going to relax today.
Helen: Um, I am relaxed. Stacey!
Stacey: Just a minute!

Vic: Hey.
Helen: Hey.
Vic: Look, I think I've lost like eight pounds.
Helen: Maybe you should lay off the green juices.