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Vik continues to try and make sense of his condition. He tells his parents that they are the beneficiaries of his will and stand to gain $1 million. 

They flip out at him talking about his death, but he tells them he is trying for a baby with Helen. Priya laughs it off. 

Helen admits she has not been taking the shots correctly because she's been worried about looking after the baby alone. 

Vik rushes off, saying he has to go to work, but he buys a Porsche, meets up with Sierra and the pair ultimately have sex. 

Vik returns home, racked with guilt. 

Cole met up with Nan, the woman his father slept with all those years ago when he ran away from Cherry. 

Nan asks Delphine to help him with his life, and he realizes that Alison is the woman he loves and that he needs to find a way to get back to her. 

Nan says that her relationship with his father ended when Cherry said that she was going to kill herself. 

Nan says that all the letters were sent back and Cole realizes that they were sent two years after his father's death.

The Affair
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The Affair Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Nan: You just ... you look like someone I used to know.
Cole: Gabriel Lockhart. I'm his son. My name is Cole.

I came here to find out why my father came to California. Not to cheat on my wife.