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Cole, Anton and Noah continued their journey to locate Alison. They need to stop in a motel overnight after Athena tells them that she thinks something is really wrong. 

The hotel manager thinks they are a gay couple and Anton is their son, so he declines their request for adjoining rooms. His daughter reveals she is happy to give them a room. 

However, she sleeps with Anton soon after and her father comes rushing in the room, and Cole says that they should all just leave. 

The next stop is at Alison's father's house, and Noah gets along with him, but Cole is hesitant. While there, Athena calls the father and lets him know that Alison's body has been found. 

Noah and Cole go to identify him, but Cole is not strong enough to go in. Noah confirms Alison is dead and they are told by the detective it was definitely suicide. 

Cole blames Ben, saying he did something to Alison, but Ben is blunt but truthful that both Noah and Cole were the reason for her death. 

The Affair
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The Affair Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

I'll always love her, but it was all over a long time ago.


Cole: You never reached out to her, even once, until you needed her organ.
Father: I'm not sure what you want me to say.