A Scandalous Situation - The Affair
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Part One: Helen

Helen goes for an interview and gets the job based on her connections alone. When she returns home, a CPS woman asks her questions about Sierra. 

Helen visits Sierra and the house is a mess and the child is crying. Helen tells her to get her shit together or she's going to lose her son. 

Sierra tries to fix things up and by the time the CPS woman arrives, the house is spick and span. 

But she leaves her son on the worktop with a knife, causing problems. Helen swoops in and asks the woman hypothetically speaking, what will happen. 

The woman says kid would be taken and placed with next of kin. 

That worries Helen and she agrees to take Sierra into her home. 

Adeline arrives and says it's time to go and that Sierra will be going into a treatment facility. Helen steps in and says she has post-partum depression. 

Noah arrives with lasagne. 

Part Two: Noah

Noah found himself in trouble when Petra revealed that she chatted with people about his past and that he was abusive and misogynistic. 

He vetoed that sentiment and turned to his publisher who said that he needed to try and control the narrative in this situation. 

Noah then went to visit Eden, and things took a dark turn when she said that she was not the one who tried to take him down. 

Noah returned home to L.A. and Helen was happy to see him ... until Helen got a phone call from Petra. 

The Affair
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The Affair Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Woman: You know you don't have the best reputation around this stuff, right?
Noah: That was in college. That was 30 years ago.
Woman: That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about your current reputation Noah... in the community.
Noah: What community?
Woman: The publishing world. You're seen as something of a loose cannon.
Noah: What? Why?
Woman: Well, you've had a storied past. You went to prison after all.
Noah: That's just fucking ridiculous ... I went to prison for my --
Woman: For what?
Noah: For my... I don't deserve that. I have the most boring fucking life. I work, I write, I see my kids, and I try to be a good person. That's it.
Woman: I know you do, but look, when you got out of prison, you were a little bit angry, right? A little bit bitter.
Noah: Sure, prison sucks.
Woman: Right, well do you remember teaching a class with a student named Audrey in it? Audrey Nelson.
Noah: Yeah, yeah I think.
Woman: Were you not very nice to her?
Noah: Well, I was as nice to her as I was to anyone else in that class. Why?
Woman: She's written a book.
Noah: Good for her.
Woman: Apparently, you're in it.
Noah: Really?
Woman: She doesn't name you directly, but it's a memoir about her abusive relationship with an older male professor. She's going around town telling people that the character is based on you.

Audrey paints you as a rather unapologetic misogynist.