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The police are intimidating the Santoreilli family and their friends and neighbors. Sara convinces John to accompany her to interview the Santorellis. Giorgio's brother tells Sara that other boys had been killed in similar fashion to Giorgio, and that Giorgio was different than other boys.

Lucius and Marcus seek to find the knife used to gouge out Giorgio's eyes. Marcus becomes infatuated with a woman he sees outside the butcher shop. Kreizler ejects a priest from his facility.

Sara can't find the cases involving other boys killed like Giorgio where they should be. Instead, the files are locked up in Connor's desk. Sara and John tell Kreizler about the two other boys. John tells Kreizler that Sara's father died either in a hunting accident or by suicide.

John denies any romantic interest in Sara. At the opera, Kreizler briefs an uncomfortable Roosevelt on his findings. Kreziler talks Roosevelt into approving a parallel investigation, with Sara his liaison to the police department.

Kreizler gathers John, Sara and the Isaacson brothers together at Delmonico's to discuss the Santoreilli case. The Isaacsons show off the knife they have found to be the one used in the dismembering. The brothers also explain the use of "fingermarks" as a way of identifying the culprit.

They found such a mark on a pocket watch buried with Benjamin Zweig. Kreizler says the team must collect clues to build a profile of the killer. Kreizler suggests John's role in the investigation may be over already. Kreizler has Stevie trail the annoyed Moore.

Marcus finds his mystery woman, Aster, at a Socialist rally, and they're soon having sex. A drunk John decides to investigate the brothel with young male prostitutes, asking about Giorgio. Another prostitute, Sally, said that Giorgio talked about a client with a silver smile.

John's drink is drugged and he passes out. 

The Alienist
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The Alienist Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Marcus: Do you know the difference between capitalism and socialism?
Lucius: No.
Marcus: In capitalism, man exploits man. In socialism, it's the other way around.

Connor: 'Tis surely easier on the eyes to have a woman on the premises, isn't it, Sergeant Doyle?
Doyle: Aye, it is.