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The team is going to send Stevie undercover as a boy prostitute to draw out the killer on the Day of Ascension. The plan is to shut down all but one of the brothels, and plant Stevie there, under constant supervision. Roosevelt grudgingly agrees. The teams are Marcus and Moore and Lucius and Cyrus, with Sara and Kreizler left on the sidelines. Mrs. Van Bergen plans to send Willem by ship to Buenos Aires the next week. Moore sees Sally/Joseph having an egg cream and warns him that the killer is likely to strike that night. Moore spots a man on the roof. Marcus chases and catches him, but it's only a priest. The killer doesn't strike and Kreizler doubts his conclusion about the holy days. The next holy day is Pentecost, in nine days. Moore brings his grandmother to a benefit gala. Mary and Kreizler share a tender moment, as he treats her cut finger. J.P. Morgan attempts to intimidate Roosevelt, to get him to forget Willem as a suspect. Sara arranges to have Stevie placed inside one of the brothels on Pentecost. Moore tells Sara that he's quit drinking. Sara has been researching Kreizler's family and discovers that his arm isn't actually malformed. The church bells drive Willem from his hiding place. The team is back on stakeout duty. Connor and Doyle try to head off Willem, and Connor kills him in a fit of rage. They toss his body in the river. The killer approaches Stevie, while both Marcus and Moore are distracted by boy prostitutes. Marcus chases the killer into a basement and fires at him. Sara confronts Kreziler about his arm. He slaps her with that arm. The killer escapes, and kills another prostitute, at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

The Alienist
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The Alienist Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Lucius: Miss Howard, this is no place for the weaker sex, or for [looking at Kreizler]
Kreizler: Cripples, you meant to say.

Sex is but a three-letter word, Commissioner.

Kreizler [to Roosevelt]