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Moore is haunted because he doesn't remember what happened to him after he was drugged at the brothel. Stevie found him wandering nearby and brought him to Kreizler's house. Roosevelt and Connor clash at a ceremony honoring new policemen.

Moore gets chastised by his grandmother. Kreizler sends the Isaacsons to the morgue, to check for fingerprints on Giorgio's body. The killer is watching young boys at play in a pool.

Giorgio's body has disappeared, which Sara says points to corruption in the police department. Sara attends a Vassar College reunion. Sara tells a classmate that she has a romantic interest in a doctor.

Kreizler and Moore return to interview the boy prostitute Sally. Kreizler decides that Giorgio had voluntarily gone to where he was killed, with someone he trusted. Cyrus explains to Kreizler what it feels like to murder a man.

Kreizler and Mary share a moment when she picks up his ink-stained shirt, but Stevie interrupts to tell him there's been another murder. The body is on a skylight. Roosevelt goes to the crime scene himself and holds off notifying Connor and his corrupt police, but Connor finds out anyway.

He lets the press know so they are soon at the crime scene. The Isaacsons confirm that the same hand carved out this boy's eyes. Sara is shaken up by the dead body. Sara determines the killer is attracted to heights, and maybe water.

The killer is still on site. Stevie warns Roosevelt the other cops have arrived. Moore drops his sketchbook. Everyone but the Isaacsons escape out the back door. Kreizler tries to get Sara and Moore to get inside the killer's head. Moore told Sara that Mary burned her father to death. Moore tries to kiss Sara, but she turns away. 

The Alienist
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The Alienist Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

The rich will always choose dead children over social scandal.


You're right about [Moore's] standing. He won't be sitting down for a week.