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The racers began the seventh leg of The Amazing Race with instructions to fly 5,000 miles from the wine region of France to The Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean.  Upon arriving, teams needed to take a number at the next clue box to determine when they would depart. 

Brent and Caite, Steve and Allie and Dan and Jordan arrived at the clue box first and were treated to a helicopter ride to their next location, the island of La Digue, and a one hour lead over the other three teams.  Upon arriving at La Digue, teams were confronted with a Detour – Turtle Tottle or Ox Trot.

For Turtle Tottle, teams had to lure a giant turtle across a yard with food and then carry a bunch of bananas 1.5 miles to receive their next club.  In Ox Trot, the teams had to load a cart with a pile of coconuts and then drive the cart via Ox to the shore to receive their next clue.

Although Brent and Caite arrive first, they choose Ox Trot and Steve and Allie, who choose Turtle Tottle, complete the task first and pass the couple.  Additionally, Brent and Caite left a coconut back at the loading area and had to get the coconut before they could continue.  The blunder allowed Dan and Jordan to pass them as well as the teams an hour behind them to catch up.

First to complete the Detour, Steve and Allie followed the instructions on their clue and swam to a schooner to take them to their next clue.  However, once on the boat it dawned on them that they were not going back to the Detour, where they left their backpacks.  Knowing they were in first place, the father and daughter continued on and will complete the rest of the race without their backpacks. 

The schooner transported teams out to the middle of the island chain where teams were given their next clue – a Roadblock.  For the roadblock, a team member had to swim to a buoy and dive down and retrieve a corked bottle.  Once the bottle had been recovered the teams would be driven back to shore where they would open the contents of the bottle – a map leading them to the Pit Stop.

Back at the Detour, Louie and Michael chose Ox Trot and were diligent about monitoring their coconut loading, completed the task and caught up with Brent and Caite who had to make the trip twice.  After initially having no success with Turtle Tottle, Carol and Brandi switched to Ox Trot and fell behind Jet and Cord. 

Despite falling into last, Jet and Cord also left a coconut behind, temporarily putting Carol and Brandi into fifth.  Arriving at the finish of the Detour, Carol and Brandi realized they made the same mistake and fell back into last. 

Using their one hour lead and taking advantage of Brent and Caite’s mistake, Steve and Allie and Dan and Jordan easily completed the Roadblock, put the map together and found the Pit Stop in first and second, respectively.  Brent and Caite and Louie and Michael ran the leg together after the Detour and finished third and fourth, respectively.

Seemingly well ahead of Carol and Brandi, Jet and Cord made a critical error after completing the Roadblock by leaving their bottled corked and in their boat.  Despite finding the Pit Stop without a map, Phil informed them that he could not check them in until they had retrieved their bottle.  This second mistake allowed Carol and Brandi to leap frog the cowboys yet again and finish fifth.  Fortunately for Jet and Cord, this leg was a non-elimination leg and they avoided elimination.

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The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 7 Quotes

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This is as close as you can get to being in the World Series.