The sixth leg of the Amazing Race began with teams instructed to find the statue of Joan or Arc in Reims, France and “listen to what you see.”  Although Brent and Caite and Jordan and Jeff confused Joan of Arc with Noah’s Arc, all seven teams found the statue and accompanying musician with little drama.

Despite departing in second and third, respectively, Steve and Allie and Jet and Cord both beat Louie and Michael to the Joan of Arc statue where they were given their next clue: a cork.  The cord read “Champagne Leclerc Briant” and Jet and Cord took this to mean that they were to head to the nearby town of Charlons en Champagne.  Actually, teams needed to figure out that they needed to go to Leclerc Briant wineries in Epernay, France.

Although they arrived at the statue in third, Louie and Michael quickly get directions to Epernay and arrive at the winery and Roadblock first.  The clue is “who’s ready for a cave in,” but doesn’t nearly describe the challenge.  Team members must rappel 100 feet into the wine cellar, search the racks for a specially labeled bottle of champagne and then uncork the bottle with a saber to receive their clue.

All seven teams finish the roadblock in the order the arrive and the clue they are given simply says “Taittinger La Marquetterie.”  Dan and Jordan, Steve and Allie, Jet and Cord and Jordan and Jeff are all given directions to the Taittinger corporate headquarters back in Reims.  However, teams are actually supposed to go to the Taittinger mansion located in Pierry, France.

Once at the mansion, teams are faced with a detour: tower or terra.  For tower teams have to constructed a pyramid of champagne glasses that is fifteen levels high and then pour a bottle of champagne down the tower without any glasses falling.  In terrain the teams search a one square kilometer vineyard of grapes for specially marked grapes to receive their next clue.

Although the large area seems daunting, Louie and Michael, Carol and Brandi, Steve and Allie and Jet and Cord all choose terra and find the grapes in a reasonable time.  They are directed to the pit stop a mansion at D’Orcca, France and finish in the same order.

Dan and Jordan arrived at the detour second, but choose tower and fell behind due to the considerable time it took to stack the glasses.  Fortunately for the brothers, the tower does not fall when the champagne is poured over them and they finish fifth.

Brent and Caite arrived at the detour before Jet and Cord and also chose terra but were easily discouraged when the cowboys find the grapes first.  They switch to tower and construct the glass pyramid, but the structure tumbles to the ground and the couple switches back to terra.

This allows Jordan and Jeff to catch up and they see Brent and Caite searching for the grapes and choose tower hoping to gain time.  Unfortunately, they suffer the same fate as Brent and Caite and are forced to switch as well.  This allows Brent and Caite to slip into the pit stop in sixth place while Jordan and Jeff are eliminated in seventh place.

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The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 6 Quotes

Cathy Drone? Oh, cathedral.


France feels just like December in New England.