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Departing from the Penang Mansion in Malaysia, teams started the ninth leg of The Amazing Race by taking a bus and then a train to the country of Singapore, 400 miles south.  Once arriving in Singapore, they were instructed to find the Victoria Concert Hall and Theater and look for Allan Wu, the host of The Amazing Race Asia.

Although Louie and Michael and Carol and Brandi arrived at the theatre before them, Dan and Jordan paid attention to the clue and did not go inside the building, but rather found Allan Wu outside of it and got the clue first.  Inside was a clue to the Fast Forward for the race which, if completed, would allow them to skip all remaining tasks and go directly to the pit stop.

Dan and Jordan elected to take the fast forward which took them to the Singapore Flyer, the tallest observation wheel in the world.  The brothers were taken to the top of the observation wheel and had to cross from one pod to another, 541 feet in the air, to complete the Fast Forward.  While Jordan was very nervous, both brothers completed the Fast Forward and hit the Pit Stop in first place.

Back at the theater, for the teams not attempting the fast forward they were faced with a Detour.  Their options were Pound the Drums or Pound the Pavement.  For Pound the Drums, teams had to learn a complex drumming routine and perform it flawlessly with a local drumming troupe to receive their next clue.  In Pound the Pavement, teams headed to a local market where they had to assemble an ice cream cart and sell 25 sandwiches before moving on.

Initially, the four remaining teams all chose Pound the Drums, but Louie and Michael decided early that they had no chance of learning the drumming routine and decided to make a try for the Fast Forward.  Upon arriving at the Fast Forward, they were informed that Dan and Jordan were already attempting the Fast Forward and the police officers headed for Pound the Pavement.

Back at the Pound the Drums detour, Jet and Cord and Carol and Brandi were struggling learning the routine, but Brent and Caite mastered it fairly quickly, performed it perfectly and were able to move on.  Jet and Cord failed on their first attempt allowing Carol and Brandi to complete the task and pass them.  Jet and Cord eventually finished, thinking they were in last.

What they did not know at the time was that Brent and Caite had U-Turned Carol and Brandi, forcing them to go back and complete the other half of the detour.  This allowed Jet and Cord and Louie and Michael to pass the dating couple.  

After the U-Turn, teams were sent to a shipyard in Singapore to partake in an anchor chain inspection.  The selected team member had to count all of the links on the chain and provide that number to a foreman, all while the busy shipyard bustled about around them.  Brent and Caite and Jet and Cord managed to finish the Roadblock without issue, but Michael forgot his clipboard while counting and fell behind retrieving it.

Before heading to the Pit Stop, teams had one final task to complete: ride a zip line called the Mega Zip 1,200 feet across the marina.  Although certainly an exciting activity, it does little to change the standings.  Done in by the U-Turn, Carol and Brandi can’t catch the remaining teams and finish last.   

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The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 9 Quotes

Ladies get their way. Bitches don't.


I think the ghost riders are back in the saddle again.