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After spending the first three legs of the race in South America, the teams were given a dramatic scenery change for the start of the fourth leg - get to Hamburg, Germany.  Jet and Cord left the pit stop first at 11:00pm, the first flight to Germany was not for twelve hours and all eight teams were able to catch up. 

The biggest beneficiary of restart was Louie and Michael who noted that the South American continent “has not been good to us.”  The policemen just avoided elimination last leg, finishing eighth, but found themselves at the head of the pack with Jet and Cord upon arriving in Germany.  Upon arriving in Frankfurt, Germany teams had to take a train to Hamburg.  Jet and Cord and Louie and Michael managed to get on the first train out with Carol and Brandy and Dan and Jordan missing it by mere seconds.

Once in Hamburg, Jet and Cord and Louie and Michael discovered an intersection for their first clue which requires that two teams work together in order to finish the assigned task.  The task was a roadblock and the selected team members had to complete a tandem bungee jump to finish the roadblock.  As the first two teams to arrive, Jet and Michael joined forces and completed the 150’ bungee jump.  Joe and Allie were the next pair to work together, followed by Dan and Brandi.  Finally, Jordan and Caite brought up the rear of the race.

After completing the intersection and detour, Michael and Louie chose to take a cab to their next clue while Jet and Cord lost valuable time in the metro.  Arriving first at the Statue of Kaiser Wilhelm, Louie and Michael came to a detour.  The choices were to hit five targets on a soccer goal (soccer) or consume a heaping plate of sauerkraut before the accompanying band finished their song (sauerkraut).  Accomplished eaters, Louie and Michael inhaled their plate of sauerkraut and extended their led.

Though the error did not cost them position when they arrived at the statue, Jet and Cord found themselves in a dead heat with Steve and Allie and Joe and Heidi upon arriving at the detour.  All three chose soccer initially, but because of Joe’s bad leg, Joe and Heidi eventually moved to sauerkraut.  Steve powered through the soccer target practice and he and Allie left the detour in second place.  Despite the detour switch, Joe and Heidi left third, with Jet and Cord fourth.

Brent and Caite and Jordan and Jeff arrived at the statue in fifth and sixth, respectively, but each had trouble finding their detour choice allowing Dan and Jordan and Carol and Brandy to pass them.  Dan had been hoping for a soccer challenge before he started the race, but was unable to beat Carol and Brandy who ripped through the sauerkraut challenge.

Teams had to find the Haifisch Bar upon completion of the detour and finish a boot of beer to get their next clue.  Once the large container of beer was consumed, teams were heading to the final destination for this leg of the race – the Pit Stop at the Indra Club.  Louie and Michael and Steve and Allie easily downed their beer to finish first and second.  Although Joe and Heidi and Jet and Cord had some difficulty, they were still able to hold their third and fourth positions.  Carol and Brandy were able to finish before Dan and Jordan and the teams finished fifth and sixth, respectively. 

After a taxi driver got lost and put Jordan and Jeff well behind, the dating couple finally arrived at the sauerkraut detour.  However, the further regretted their decision as they were unable to complete the task and had to switch to soccer.  This allowed Brent and Caite, who were equally lost, to finish the detour first, down their beer at the Haifisch Bar and make their way to the Indra Club and avoid finishing last.  Although they finished last, Jordan and Jeff were allowed to continue racing because this leg was a non-elimination leg.

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