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The second leg of the Amazing Race started with Leg 1 winners, Jordan and Jeff, departing from Valparaiso, Chile, at 3:21am.  The first destination for this leg of the races was Puerto Varas, Chile.  The teams had to take two busses - one from Valparaiso to Santiago and then another for the 575 mile journey from Santiago to Puerto Varas.  Finally teams would drive to Hotel Petrohue, take a boat to Isla Margarita and travel by foot to Mirador for their next clue. 

All teams boarded the same 5:00am bus from Valparaiso to Santiago and a furious scramble ensued at the Santiago bus station to find the best route to Puerto Varas.  Joe and Heidi formed an alliance with Carol and Brandy which proved beneficial as each team got the last tickets for what appeared to be the first direct bus to arrive in Puerto Varas.  While other teams settled for tickets on the next bus arriving an hour later, Jet and Cord, Jordan and Jeff and Brent and Caite tried to avoid the pack and look for other options. 

Persistence paid off for the three non-conformist teams who searched for bus trips with connecting cities that had them arrive earlier than the direct bus teams.  Jordan and Jeff, Brent and Caite and Jet and Cord each got tickets to Puerto Varas that connected through Temuco, Chile with Jordan and Jeff and Brent and Caite on a bus that departed Temuco 30 minutes ahead of Jet and Cord. 

All three teams connecting through Temuco were scheduled to arrive ahead of the first teams taking direct buses out of Santiago, but Jordan and Jeff and Brent and Caite got careless in Temuco, forgetting to check from what terminal their bus departed from until it was too late.  The two couples missed their connecting bus and were subsequently unable to get on the bus that Jet and Cord departed on 30 minutes later and had to settle for a bus that would have them arriving 4th and 5th in Puerto Varas, respectively.

Jet and Cord arrive first at Mirador and encounter a detour.  Teams must choose between dressing a llama in traditional garb or attempting to fly like a condor off of a pier over a small section of a lake.  A majority of the teams chose the llama challenge, but Brent and Caite, Jordan and Jeff and Steve and Allie chose to take a dip in the cold lake by virtue of “flying” like a condor. 

At the back of the pack, Dan and Jordan find themselves in 9th after difficulty handling a manual transmission with their car as well as navigating the directions to Hotel Petrohue.  Their mistakes allow time for Jody and Shannon, who were on the last bus to arrive in Puerto Varas, to catch up to the pack.  Similar to Dan and Jordan, Louie and Michael struggled with the detour and fell into 8th place.

At the roadblock, Jet and Cord once again arrive first and select Cord to handle the challenge.  Players much collect all the ingredients from various locations on the farm necessary to cook Kuchen, a traditional German pastry.  The challenge requires team to milk a cow, collect a baker’s dozen of eggs (13) from the chicken coop and butter, flour and sugar from the pantry.  Cord handles the challenge with ease and Jet and Cord race off to the Pit Stop, Gruta de la Virgen, finishing first.

Subsequent teams following the cowboys into the roadblock were able to complete the task without much drama and find their way to the pit stop easily.  After struggling at the detour, Michael and Louie had difficulty finding the roadblock, a blunder that allowed Dan and Jordan to move ahead of them and finish a surprising 8th.  Even Jody and Shannon, who were well behind to start, managed to reach the roadblock before Michael and Louie and seemed poised for another dramatic comeback. 

In the roadblock, however, Jody had difficulty milking the cow, getting kicked and spilling all of the milk she had collected.  This allowed Michael to slip past her, complete the roadblock and slide in safely in 9th place.  Jody and Shannon hit the mat not far behind in 10th place and were eliminated.

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