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A large gap existed between the lead team, Ernie and Cindy, and the trailing team, Jeremy and Sandy to start this week’s leg of The Amazing Race.  Ernie and Cindy had an hour and a half lead on second place and were over three hours ahead of Jeremy and Sandy.  The duo was able to complete the first task, a Roadblock, before any other teams left the Pit Stop.

Upon leaving the Pit Stop teams made their way to the Hans Christian Anderson statue and found the Roadblock.  The challenge required the selected teammate to memorize the poem beneath the statue, ride a bike to a local theatre and perform the poem to receive their next clue.  Cathi and Tommy arrived second and third, but each got lost and made a mistake reciting the poem allowing Amani to pass them for second place.

After completing the Roadblock, the teams made their way to Legoland in Billings, Denmark, the birthplace of legos.  The teams would face a difficult challenge which required them to put together a Lego puzzle while riding in a classic tea cup amusement park ride.  Ernie and Cindy kept their significant lead, finishing the challenge before the second place team arrived.

If the teams could avoid getting sick on the tea cup ride and complete their puzzle, they’d find their next destination – Hamburg, Germany.  After driving to Hamburg, Germany, the teams were instructed to take a train to Brussels, Belgium.  Even though Ernie and Cindy had a multi-hour lead and Bill and Cathi and Jeremy and Sandy made mistakes en route to Hamburg, all of the teams ended up on the same train.

For all of their fortune early in the leg, Ernie and Cindy faced a nerve racking situation after Cindy lost their tickets for the second half of the train ride to Brussels.  Fortunately for the dating couple, the conductor on the second train never checked tickets, so they were able to board and arrive in Brussels with the other teams despite losing their tickets.

As if the leg were not involved enough already, the teams faced one of the craziest challenges in The Amazing Race history.  The teams had to strip down in to skimpy bathing suits, cover themselves with tanning oil and performing a body building routine in front of judges.  

Although seemingly simple, the first two teams to try the routine failed.  Amani and Marcus took their time perfecting the routine and it paid off as they got a passing score on their first try.  The married couple excitedly reached the Pit Stop in first place and was thrilled to be declared the winners of the leg.  They were also stunned to learn that the next leg started immediately as Phil handed them their clue.

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The Amazing Race Season 19 Episode 9 Quotes

[Cindy] has a good memory, but sometimes her short term memory let's her down.


I might not be Peyton Manning or Dwight Freeney, but I can hold my own.