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The dramatic “to be continued” ending to last week’s episode was the start of this week’s episode as Amani and Marcus were given the dramatic news that they finished first, but were still racing.  The trailing four teams still needed to complete the previous legs’ body building challenge and find the Pit Stop before continuing on.  

The next destination for the teams was the Ford Proving Ground in Lommel, Belgium where they encountered a Roadblock.  For the challenge the selected team member had to navigate three different challenges in a new Ford Mustang.  The three challenges were to reach a speed of 100mph and break and swerve in a designated course, navigate a slalom course and finish with two donuts.

Amani and Marcus struggled with directions to Lommel, Belgium allowing Ernie and Cindy and Jeremy and Sandy to pass them.  Ernie had a significant lead on Jeremy heading in to the challenge, but squandered it away attempting the slalom course numerous times.  Ernie and Cindy left in first place, but Jeremy and Sandy were right on their tail.

From Lommel the teams drove to the Burgstraat in Gent, Belgium for a Detour.  The first option, Water, required the teams to build a raft and navigate along the city’s river to collect two pieces of their clue.  The other option, Waffles, had the teams constructing a waffle stand and baking and decorating 18 different waffles.  When the stand and waffles were fully constructed, the teams would receive their clue.  

The first two teams, Ernie and Cindy and Jeremy and Sandy, choose Waffle and struggled with the detail necessary with the 18 waffles.  Amani and Marcus and especially Andy and Tommy flew through the Water challenge, easily constructing the raft and finding the clue.  Ernie and Cindy still finished first, but Andy and Tommy and Amani and Marcus made up significant ground.

After completing the Detour teams had to find De Muur Van Geraardsbergen where they would release a flock of homing pigeons and meet the pigeons at their destination.  Not every team had the same destination and it seemed as if one destination was easier to find than the others.  As such, Andy and Tommy and Jeremy and Sandy easily found their pigeon and finished first a second.  Ernie and Cindy and Amani and Marcus struggled with theirs, but still beat Bill and Cathi, who were eliminated.

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The Amazing Race Season 19 Episode 10 Quotes

From now on, that's how you drive.


We're going to have to put a little peddle to the metal as safely and legally as possible.