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Beginning in Brussels, Belgium the teams are instructed to dress up as characters from a local comic strip, figure out who they are and find the location to meet the main character with just a picture of the location.  What the teams quickly figure out is that they are detective characters from the famous Belgian comic, Tin Tin.  Andy and Tommy leave the Pit Stop first but are the only team to not get the answer correct and fall to the back of the back.

Their fall is short lived as the teams are equalized by a train ride and plane flight to Panama City, Panama.  After traveling up a river in the dark to Parara Puru and receiving non-permanent tattoos of their next location, the teams returned to Panama City for a Roadblock.  Suspended 35 stories above the ground, the selected team member had to walk a tight wire from one building and back to receive their next clue.

After the Roadblock, teams made their way to the Ferdidand de Lesspes statue and the Detour.  The first option, Salt, required teams to build a pair of sandals out of a simple piece of leather.  The second option, Filet, forced teams to deliver different quantities of sea food to various vendors in a crowded market.

Up until this point the teams maintained the order they got out of the airport in Panama City.  The first three teams, Andy and Tommy, Jeremy and Sandy and Ernie and Cindy all selected the Salt option.  Amani and Marcus were also incorrectly brought to the Salt option, but insisted that they go to Filet.  The move paid off for the married couple who moved in to second place behind Andy and Tommy.

With both challenges behind them, the teams seemed destined to cruise to the Pit Stop.  However, the most difficult part of the leg remained.  After completing the Detour the teams had to find Cathedral Square and figure out their clue from a group of dancing ladies.  What they did not realize was that the Pit Stop location was written on their flowing dresses.

Having read the word ‘balboa’ on the dancers necklaces and confirming that it could be a location with the cab driver, Andy and Tommy erroneously took off for the Balboa Statue.  Struggling to figure out where to go next, Amani and Marcus’s lead evaporated as Ernie and Cindy and Jeremy and Sandy caught up.  

Allowing them to catch up, however, proved to be very beneficial.  Jeremy sketched the drawing on one of the necklaces and the cab driver correctly interpreted the location: Panama Viejo.  Feeling the pressure of being last, Ernie and Cindy and Amani and Marcus tried to go to ‘balboa’ as well and rushed off.  

Unbeknownst to any of the teams, Jeremy and Sandy’s cab driver called Ernie and Cindy and Amani and Marcus’s cab driver and told them the Panama Viejo destination.  This left Andy and Tommy all alone and well back of the remaining teams.  Once they figured out the destination it was too late and they were eliminated.

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You look like a darn hot man. And that sounded weird.


This leg of the race would be a conference championship in football terms.