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The start of the ninth leg began with the teams flying to Cochin, India followed by a bus to Theyvara the home of Baliwood.  Once there the teams would encounter a Roadblock which had the selected teammate perform an intricate and long dance routine on stage with a dance troupe.  Although Dave’s Rachel completed the routine on her first try, none of the other four racers were as successful.

Vanessa escaped in second place after just two tries and Rachel needed four attempts to leave in third place.  JJ also needed four attempts, but took longer to do so and left in fourth place.  As difficult as things were for Rachel and JJ, they would be much worse for Mark.  The Kentuckian required 14 attempts to finish the challenge and had to be talked out of quitting just to get there.

After a very difficult Roadblock the teams got some respite with the Detour.  Their options were Cricket or Clutch It.  For Cricket the teammates each had to successfully hit a throw cricket ball past fielders and over a barrier.  In Clutch It both teammates needed to navigate an obstacle course in a rickshaw.  

Well ahead of everyone else, Rachel and Dave choose the slower Clutch It option, but still finish before anyone else arrives.  Vanessa and Ralph arrive in second place, but depart in fourth place after choosing Clutch It.  Art and JJ and Brendon and Rachel go with Cricket and just in to third and fourth place, respectively.

The order the teams left the Detour was the order they arrived at the Pit Stop mat.  Unfortunately for Mark and Bopper all four teams made it to the Pit Stop before they left the Roadblock.  But, the Kentuckians eventually did leave, complete the Detour and make it to the Pit Stop.  The pair was convinced they would be eliminated and were thus stunned to learn that they would stay in the race courtesy of a non-elimination leg.

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The Amazing Race Season 20 Episode 9 Quotes

We're not about to do JJ's dirty work.


People have no idea how badly we really need this money.