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The tenth leg of the most recent season of The Amazing Race began with a bang this week.  Early in the episode teams were presented with another Fast Forward.  However, Rachel and Dave and Art and JJ had already won a Fast Forward and were thus precluded from trying to a second one.  This left Brendon and Rachel, Vanessa and Ralph and Mark and Bopper as the only teams able to take the Fast Forward.

Vanessa and Ralph quickly decided not to risk the potential time sink that can result from unsuccessfully attempting the Fast Forward.  Mark and Bopper were three hours behind the other four teams because of their poor finish in the previous leg.  This opened the door for Brendon and Rachel to go for the Fast Forward.

When they arrived at the Fast Forward, however, they realized the challenge would be more difficult than they were prepared to face.  In order to be awarded the Fast Forward, both members of the team had to shave their heads.  Rachel was unwilling to do so and the Fast Forward remained for Mark and Bopper to get and potentially make a miraculous comeback.

Fortunately for Brendon and Rachel they made the decision not to do the Fast Forward quickly and made it to the Roadblock not too far behind the other three leading teams.  For the Roadblock the selected teammate had to produce forty feet of rope using coconut husks and a traditional spinning method.  After the rope is produced they then had to use a hand crank to wind four different spools of yarn.

Although the task proved to be very physical all four of the teams made it through the task without much incident.  The same cannot be said for after the challenge.  Departing in first place, Vanessa rolled her ankle and took a huge fall while running to the next challenge.  She would be ok, but the delay allowed Rachel and Dave to get back in front of them.

Detour options of Pachyderm and Pack a Box awaited the teams after the Roadblock.  Rachel and Dave, Vanessa and Ralph and Brendon and Rachel all chose Pachyderm which required them to dress and elephant in traditional garb and then fill and transport 15 wheelbarrows of elephant manure.  The Pachyderm option would prove much faster than Pack and Box, which Art and JJ chose.  For Pack and Box Art and JJ had to sift, fill, label and transport ten boxes of ginger.  

Rachel and Dave, Vanessa and Ralph and Brendon and Rachel finished the Detour well ahead of Art and JJ and made it to the Pit Stop in that order.  Meanwhile Mark and Bopper had completed the Speed Bump and were in the process of grabbing the Fast Forward while Art and JJ were finishing up the Detour.  Though it seemed the Kentuckians might have made a dramatic comeback, their three hour deficit at the start of the leg was too much to overcome and they were eliminated.

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The Amazing Race Season 20 Episode 10 Quotes

Ralph: We always race as if we're in last place.
Vanessa: Which is typically the case.

The only team that can beat us is ourselves.