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The penultimate leg of The Amazing Race began with the four remaining teams departing from India for Osaka, Japan.  Despite a lot of jockeying beginning in the airport followed by a bus, train and ferry ride that had each team seemingly in danger of falling behind, all four teams end up at the first clue box at the same time.  

The teams are directed to the studios for television 8 where they encounter a Roadblock.  At this point in the race, whichever team member did only four Roadblocks is forced to do the Roadblock.  Unfortunately for Vanessa and Ralph this means that Vanessa has to partake in the Japanese game show Bring Home the Chicken which has contestants run on a treadmill trying to grab rubber chickens hanging above them.  Vanessa gamely finishes the challenge, but not before they fall well behind the other teams.

The Detour for the eleventh leg of the race has the teams choose between taking ten pictures of three locals at a time posing in cut outs of sumo wrestlers or playing sushi bingo.  Rachel and Dave are the only team who chooses the photographs and they are rewarded with a first place finish in the leg.  Vanessa and Ralph catch up to Brendon and Rachel at sushi bingo, but are too far behind in the challenge to slip in to third place and are eliminated.

With the three teams set for the final leg of The Amazing Race 20 the following day the teams depart from Osaka, Japan for their final destination city, Honolulu, Hawai’i.  Upon landing the teams are instructed to find the twins by the sea which refer to a pair of famous hotel twin towers in Honolulu.  Brendon and Rachel and Vanessa and Dave figure out the riddle pretty quickly, but Art and JJ fall way behind after several unsuccessful attempts to solve the riddle.

Once the teams arrived at the twin towers they had to hand crank themselves up the outside of the 45 story tower, search the landscape for their next destination and then rappel, face first, down the opposite side of the tower.  Although extremely scary, all of the teams are able to complete the challenge without much incident, which Rachel and Dave leading the pack.

The location that the teams saw at the top of the towers is the first Roadblock for the final leg of the race. For the challenge the selected teammate must use a Japanese samurai sword to make a traditional Japanese treat – shaved work.  Although physically taxing, the challenge is not very difficult and the teams complete the Roadblock in the order they arrived.  

Where things started to get interesting was after completing the Roadblock.  Teams were instructed to walk to the nearby outfield to take a helicopter to their next location.  Rachel and Dave and Art and JJ determined that the ball field must be close by if they had to walk, but Brendon and Rachel gloss over the requirement to walk and jump in a taxi cab to the local baseball park.  While Rachel and Dave and Art and JJ are in the air, Brendon and Rachel realize their mistake and head back to the park.

After the helicopter ride the teams are instructed to find the coral gate.  Rachel and Dave are extremely anxious in their cab ride, but relieved to see a clue once their cab arrived at their assumed destination.  The clue they found instructed them to paddle across an inlet and run to the finish line.  They arrive at the finish believing they had won, but in reality inadvertently skipped the second Roadblock.

Unbeknownst to them, Art and JJ are in first place at the second Roadblock.  However, Art is forced to do the Roadblock because JJ did the ice shaving one and Art struggles trying to navigate the traditional Hawaiian sled down a hill.  Any lead they had is erased when Rachel and Dave find the second Roadblock and Rachel completes it on her second try.  Art and JJ go from worst to first when Brendon and Rachel catch up and pass them as well.

Having finally completed all of the necessary tasks, Rachel and Dave repeat the paddle across the inlet and this time are rewarded as the winners of the 20th season of The Amazing Race.  Art and JJ finish in second place with Brendon and Rachel coming in third.

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The Amazing Race Season 20 Episode 11 Quotes

We're the underdogs going in, but we could be the winners coming out.


Maybe Dave can take off his poopy pants now.