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The race moves right along in this week’s leg starting with a flight from Buenos Aries to Turin, Italy.  Seven of the teams stopped at a travel agency before heading to the airport and booked a flight that had them arriving in Italy the next morning.  For some reason Mark and Bopper went to the airport first where Art and JJ informed them of their mistake.  The error cost Mark and Bopper a seat on the first flight and put them an hour and fifteen minutes behind the seven leading teams. 

Driving themselves out of the airport, the teams raced to the Lingotto Building for their next clue.  Art and JJ arrived first and discovered a Fast Forward in their clue.  The pair immediately attempted the complete the challenge which had them landing a remote controlled helicopter on a platform secured to a helmet on the partners head.  Initially going for the fast forward seemed like a mistake when maneuvering the helicopter proved especially challenging.  However, the duo soon mastered the task and finished the leg in first place.

Art and JJ’s successful completion of the Fast Forward left the remaining seven teams fighting for second place and not to be last.  Along with the Fast Forward was a Roadblock where the chosen teammate had to rappel down a four-hundred foot indoor drop while retrieving a clue along the way; all in under two minutes.  Big Brother Rachel and Danny each handled the rappel easily, but Vanessa and Jamie were not as fortunate and other Rachel was able to pass them.

After the Roadblock the teams made their way to Museum Nazioale Dell’Automobile to search for a Ford 1916 Tin Lizzy car and their next clue.  Upon finding the car the team’s next clue was simply a two cent Euro.  What the teams quickly realized was that their next location was the building on the coin.

Once at the Mole Antonelli building the teams ascending to the top of the spire and found their next clue. A Detour awaited them with the choice of Clean That Statue or Name That Salami.  In Clean That Statue the teams had to perform a common task in Italy, cleaning a statue.  For Name That Salami, the teams had to correctly identify 14 types of salami before moving on.

Most teams selected the Clean That Statue option and advanced with little drama.  For Brendon and Rachel, Name That Salami proved to be very difficult to complete and on their relationship.  The pair would finish the challenge, but not before waterworks from Rachel and hard talk between the duo about their upcoming nuptials.

Regardless of which Detour option the teams selected they were all safely ahead of Mark and Bopper who had no opportunity to make up for their deficit from being on a later flight to Italy.  The Kentuckians were disappointed to finish last, but knew their fate.  What they did not see coming was Art and JJ offering to split the $10,000 they received for finishing last with Bopper to help him pay his daughter’s medical bills.  Mark and Bopper received another surprise when Phil informed them it was a non-elimination leg.

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I never want to see another watermelon as long as I live.


The girls are hot as hell over here.