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The second leg of the twentieth edition of The Amazing Race began from the Cafayete Town Square in Argentina with the instructions to wait for the chesque to deliver a clue.  The racers are immediately presented with a Detour and a choice between Boil My Water and Light My Fire.  For Boil My Water the teams had to construct a solar water boiler and then bring a kettle of water to boil.  In Light My Fire the teams worked with donkeys to transport fire wood and clay to the local town.

Choosing not to work with animals, every team selected Boil My Water except for Art and JJ.  The border patrol officers initially regretted their decision because they got lost on route to the Detour.  However, despite starting the Detour in last place, Art and JJ were justified in their decision when they left in second place, trailing only Bopper and Mark.

The teams reward for completing the Detour?  Getting on an 18 hour bus ride to Buenos Aries, Argentina. Rachel and Dave, Art and JJ, Brendon and Rachel and Bopper and Mark were rewarded with the first bust out of Cafayete.  Nary and Jaime and Kerri and Stacey, meanwhile, were punished with the last bus out of Cafayete.  

The remaining four teams felt as if they were in good, middle of the pack position leaving on the second bus.  Unfortunately for those teams, one of the windows on the bus shattered in on itself and the bus was forced to stop for two hours while it was repaired.  This set back allowed Nary and Jaime and Kerri and Stacey to move in to 5th and 6th place, without realizing it.

Once in Buenos Aries the teams made their way to Mercado de hacienda de liniers for the leg’s Roadblock.  The selected teammate made their way to a cattle sale and had to calculate the average weight of a steer in a pen based on the total weight provided by the auctioneer.  The kicker was that they were not allowed to use a calculator and had to do the arithmetic by hand.

Dave’s Rachel and JJ teamed up in an effort to stay ahead of Brendon’s Rachel and the strategy work.  The pair finished the Roadblock in first place and Dave and Rachel edged out Art and JJ for their second consecutive first place finish.  After watching Dave’s Rachel and JJ’s success, Mark and Brendon’s Rachel teamed up together and finished the leg in a comfortable third and fourth place, respectively.

The fortune of not being on the second bus was a huge surprise for Nary and Jaime and Kerri and Stacey when they learned they finished fifth and sixth.  The pressure seemed to be on the four trailing teams who figured they fell behind the third bus, but any drama was removed by Dave’s utter inability to calculate the weight be hand.  He and Cherie finished well back and were eliminated.

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