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Fred gets shot after getting the stealth paint sample on his shoes. He makes the drop and then gets caught. Philip and Elizabeth leave him to die and get the shoes.

Larrick is missing, so the Jennings take their kids on a middle-of-the-night trip to protect them. Elizabeth visits Jared and Philip meets with the people moving him. 

Larrick grabs Philip and then goes to Elizabeth and Jared. He wants to turn them in, but Jared shoots him. Larrick ends up shooting Jared. They both end up dead and Philip and Elizabeth get away.

Jared was recruited by Kate and he was the one who killed his family because his parents didn't want him working like them.

Stan gets video of the Echo program. When it comes time to make the transfer he leaves a note instead, "Tell Nina I'm sorry." Nina is sent back to the Soviet Union.

Claudia tells the Jennings that the Centre wants Paige to be the next Second Generation Operative. Philip visits Arkady and tells him if they come close to Paige then they will be out.

Elizabeth suggests to Philip that maybe it would be good for Paige to be in the program by providing her a purpose.

The Americans
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