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Elizabeth gets Jared and sends him off to be relocated. Larrick tracks them and then heads to find Jared. 

Stan tells Nina that he'll find a safe place for her and meet up with her on weekends. He buys her a car, but when he returns to their place to tell her he find a beaten Nina and Arkady. The Russian wants Stan to turn over info on ECHO or Nina will be sent back to Russia. If Stan complies, he can run away with Nina.

Oleg finds out that Nina's going to stand trial no matter what and gives her an envelope of money to escape.

Paige is increasingly suspicious of her parents. She goes on the church protest trip and confides in the pastor.

Martha brings home classified documents for Clark. She knows about his toupee. After they have sex, Martha brings up having children and Clark tells her he doesn't want kids.

Philip and Elizabeth go to see Fred. They need him to go into a factory for a budget review and then walk on the factory floor to pick up paint samples on special shoes.

Elizabeth freaks out over Jared's relocation. She fears neither of her children would be prepared if it happened to them.


The Americans
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