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After the mysterious death of Emmett, his wife and daughter, Elizabeth is on edge. She worries that her family has been compromised as well. Elizabeth keeps a watch over the house and those around it. Phillip goes to check out Emmett's asset to find out if he was the leak. Phillip gets caught, but he's able to talk his way out of it and turn Fred.

Philip convinces Martha to remain in the counter-intelligence department, instead of pursuing a promotion in another department. When she gets sick, Elizabeth tells Phillip to go to her, but he tells Martha his flight was cancelled and heads home.

Elizabeth gets a distress call when she's with the kids. She drops them off at a movie and helps out a new recruit. 

Arkady asks Nina for information from Stan, but she doesn't have anything. A walk-in comes in when she's with him. During her meeting with Stan, she tells him about the lead. Then, she sleeps with him. In her report to Arkady, she mentions the sexual acts she did with Stan, but doesn't mention the intel she gave him. 

Stan uses the information to track down the walk-in, Dameran.

Paige continues to investigate her mother. She tries to track down the aunt Elizabeth supposedly stayed with while she recovered.

The Americans
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