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Philip questions Elizabeth's ability if she is called to action. 

1966: Elizabeth is talking to Leanne about having kids. She never wanted them. Leanne wants to ask Elizabeth for a favor.

Sandra doesn't like how Stan calls her work fun.

Paige is supposed to look out for Henry after school, but she wants to hang out with her friends. He says he can take care of himself.

1966: Elizabeth learns the General is sending another 100,000 troops and she and Philip talk about the war. That's the night she decides it's time to have children.

Elizabeth has made arrangements for Emmett's son to be taken in by their old friends and wonders who will take care of their kids.

Paige is taking a trip out of town to go see her "aunt" instead of going to school.

Elizabeth is looking for a specific machine and when it's not there she's faced with a man named Derek who realizes he's in trouble. He appeals to her with photos of his kids.

Paige rings the bell and nobody's home. She's calling for her aunt Helen.

When Elizabeth and Philip are done, she takes the photo of Derek's son and leaves.

The woman Paige is visiting thinks she is Shelly. She has a photo on her wall of Elizabeth holding a baby.

Stan discovers a man's office he is investigating is relatively empty and believe's he is about to take out several ambassadors.

Bruce is trying to take out the World Bank because of what they do to people like him and Stan. They own everything. 1966: Leanne asks Elizabeth to take a letter to give to her son should anything ever happen to them. That's when Elizabeth makes the promise.

Elizabeth goes to get the letter.

Aunt Helen calls Philip to let him know Paige visited.

Elizabeth is dressed as Anne Chadwick of the Child Advocacy Center and she checks on Jared. She's assured that Nancy cares about him and has his interests at heart.

Philip confronts Paige about visiting Aunt Helen. He gives her the "you're lucky to have what you have" speech but it doesn't seem to go over well.

Nina is recalling being in bed with Stan as she types all of her emotions and sexcapades from the night.

Jared had an ear infection and if he hadn't gone to the pool against his mother's wishes he would have died with his family. He breaks down in Elizabeth's arms.

Paige calls Kelly, the girl she met on the bus.

Elizabeth leaves without giving Jared the letter and burns it.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

You know Salisbury steak is technically a hamburger. In the shape of a steak.


Elizabeth: What if something happens to the kids? Who will take care of them? We don't have any real friends.
Philip: Isn't that how you wanted it?
Elizabeth: Me? What's that supposed to mean?