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Philip and what's his name are playing video games when Elizabeth and Paige get home from the mugging. Needless to say, it's a lot more than yelling that they did to get rid of the guys. Paige is freaked out.

Paige wonders if they have to call the police. Elizabeth reminds her they can't draw attention to themselves. Paige can't believe Elizabeth had to do that. She feels sick.

In the middle of Paige's crisis, Philip has to go out to meet with someone. It doesn't make her feel any better. Paige asks how Mom knew how to do that and whether she's killed before. Paige tells a version of the truth, with an honest answer that she doesn't know how many times she's killed.

Aderholt is checking into the woman who died at the mail machine office. Her son didn't think much of it, and Aderholt didn't push.

Philip checks in with William. He has a code for Level 4. 49263. William can't do it. The thought that this pathogen, one of the deadliest ever, gets out on the planet and he plays a part in it? He just can't. He tells Philip to tell Gabriel the truth. It doesn't seem like William even cares anymore.

Tatiana has been given a Rezident position in Kenya. They can sometimes choose their own deputy. He wants to think about it.

At home, Philip and Elizabeth talk about what happened. She also shares that Paige was "reporting" to Elizabeth about what she learned while she was with Matthew. Are they thinking they've created a new agent?

Aderholt finds a microcasette in the mail robot. He puts it back and discusses it with Stan and the munchkin. They are totes annoyed.

Paige didn't sleep much. She discusses the danger of what Elizabeth and Philip do. She also wonders why Elizabeth never fully answers her questions. It's always, "I wanted to serve my country," but never the whole truth. She shares a bit about her hometown with Paige, wishing she could take her there.

Oleg and Tatiana chat a bit more about Africa.

At the FBI, someone is caught changing out the tape. On the same night, Gabriel makes a call to Martha's parents telling them she's OK.

Oleg calls his mother.

Elizabeth and Paige are watching a soap opera. Elizabeth is trying to understand. Paige tells her it's not logical, it's emotional.

Paige asks Matthew whether he worries about his dad and his job.

Stan and Oleg meet again. Oleg is getting worried about all those brains without the right resources. He can't call people and tell them to stop. He's giving Stan something in the hopes they can stop it. It's about a biological weapon. He merely tells Stan they have somebody there, wherever they make them. That's it.

The new Gaad decides it's big enough that they need to pull their people off of the drop site. They can't shake anything up at the Residentura right now.

Philip, William and Gabriel are meeting. William started this because he was young, idealistic. This? How can he believe in this, when it can kill people. Gabriel decides he hasn't seen his own people in too long. William wonders what the hell that means. Gabriel says he has to go home, be a hero, find a wife and have a family. Just this one more thing, and everyone will be safer because of it. That's the same thing Gabriel says to everybody.

The FBI is scouring the staff looking for a William on whom they can nail this.

Philip tells Gabriel he agrees with William. He wishes they could just kick this whole thing aside. Philip says Gabriel can always count on Elizabeth. Gabriel says she's steadfast, good for Philip. Philip agrees the Centre made a good match. Gabriel needs to sit down. He's not doing well.

Paige and Mathew arrive at Stan's. They kiss after talking about a girl named Celery he used to date. Awww.

At home, she gets annoyed when Elizabeth and Philip tell her she doesn't have to get close to Matthew. She doesn't know where to draw the line. Philip gets a phone call.

The FBI knows William is the right man.

Paige wants to know the difference between Travel Agency work and KGB work. She's sick of not being told the truth. Where's Philip going? To meet with William. He's going to hand over the Lassa Fever. Oh, this is fantastic timing! They tell Paige the truth. Her response? Great.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Paige: How did you know how to do that?
Elizabeth: I was trained to defend myself.
Paige: Dad, too? It was just so fast and I didn't even know what was happening and he was just...I was so scared. And you didn't even seem upset after. You were calm. How could you be calm? You killed him, Mom.

Lassa Fever is a very undignified way to go. Ya basically dissolve inside, then squirt yourself out your anus in liquid form. First it's woosh, then it's a trickle. The modified strain you want, Level 4 is hard at work perfecting. It's even more lovely. I can't do this one, Philip.