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Elizabeth makes a call about the deliveries. They just cannot happen now. The timing couldn't be worse. She has to call Paige about Pastor Tim, telling him they have to work. Everything's fine hardly sounds right at this point. Understandably, Paige starts to bawl.

After using the phone, William cleans it. Meaning he cuts the hand device off and then cleans the rest with alcohol.

William is painting the picture exactly as it is -- horrible and deadly. Gabriel is old and not in the best of shape. They should all be in the hospital with IV drips. As it is, they're doing the best they can.

Oleg is at home with his father. They argue a bit over the fact father didn't help Nina. It's not as easy as Oleg thinks to help a traitor. Oleg says she came clean and worked it off. And she's not dead, because they would have told him.

Henry goes to Stan's to borrow some milk. He asks about computers and what he first said to Sandra. Then Henry offers up some information about Epcot and their parents canceling to go to Epcot. This prompts Stan to go over to the house and practically interrogate Paige.

Agent Atterholt asks Martha to dinner.

Elizabeth is worried about Henry's biology test. William laughs. Then he worries about her symptoms. Is she just not hungry or lacking appetite? Is she nauseous?

Martha calls Clark to tell him what happened at work. But she hears the crackle of wire tapping on her phone and stops before leaving a message.

Meanwhile, at the not-so-safe house, Elizabeth is vomiting her guts up. It still might be the antibiotic. They don't know yet. If something happens, blame Elizabeth for Pastor Tim and Alice...raise them here, as Americans. It's what you want, it's what you've always wanted.

While Martha is at dinner listening to her colleague drone on about being single, Stan is in her apartment taking photos of the place and searching everywhere.

Martha tells her guest that she's seeing a married man. She's not embarrassed. Blah blah. And then Stan sees her gun, her Karma Sutra book, etc. He puts the place back as the pictures portray and leaves.

Elizabeth is having dreams of her mother, sick. She gets up. She must call Paige. Philip disagrees.

Oleg's father promises to help Nina if he comes home to stay with the family to assuage his mother's grief.

Elizabeth realizes they can't run. They cannot destroy their daughter. But they can't run, either. They need to build a deeper connection. Gabriel needs to make Paige unrecruitable.

Nina and Anton are leaving. She's crying, giving to Anton one of two tickets. They walk out into the sunshine of Siberia. She wakes up. She's being transferred.

She stands in front of a man who tells her that her appeal has been denied and her death sentence is still in order and will be carried out shortly. She's killed right after she she sucks in her breath in horror.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Elizabeth: What does EST say about death?
Philip: I don't know. It never came up.
Elizabeth: Gabriel said that our people were with my mother when she died and she wanted me to know she loved me. Paige knows we love her, right?

Elizabeth: What can we do?
William: If we believed in God, I'd say pray.