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Martha is at Clark's place, waiting for him with a glass of wine and a pill. When he arrives, she wonders where he's been for the past two days. An emergency with one of his colleagues.

She tells him about her emergency. She tells him about Agent Adderholt taking her out to dinner. By the time she got home, she thought she was having a heart attack. She's taking Valium now for panic attacks. She can't live like this. She needs to be able to reach her husband. 

Clark gives her a number to memorize. She can always reach him. Only call from a pay phone. He will need that back tomorrow morning. Of course, she says. Why would she expect to keep anything?

Paige wants to talk to Elizabeth in the middle of the night. With Stan poking around and Pastor Tim wondering if she hurts people, Paige wants to know where they were. Elizabeth thinks it's enough now. She doesn't want to tell Paige anymore. 

But the ship has already pulled out of the harbor, E. 

Oleg goes to his father. Father says he tried. They executed Nina. Oleg says his father if the one official who couldn't get his son out of Afghanistan, too. 

Philip expresses his concerns about Martha to Elizabeth. She says maybe they should put Hans onto Martha full time to see if she's being followed. Then she tells him about Stan. Philip needs to make up with Stan.

Agent Adderholt tells Stan about the married guy Martha might be seeing. Stan talks about family and the marked karma sutra book. Probably a guy.

Elizabeth is with the Asian woman again. She's really neat. Young-Hee is her name.

Oleg is at his bother's funeral.

At home, Philip tells Paige he and Elizabeth are going to talk with Pastor Tim tonight. The look on Paige's face couldn't be any more clear. She's scared shitless.

They take with them Father Avis, a priest who works with them in El Salvador. They have quite the sales pitch going on. They use their "human rights in El Salvador" line of communication. 

They drop the guy off later, wondering if he's really a priest.

Paige is not exactly on board with the whole "make up with Pastor Tim" line of thinking. 

Oleg is back in the United States and at work, receiving condolences. He tells Arkady about Nina's death. Oleg was hoping Arkady would be on the same page, but when he says she got chance after chance, Oleg begs off.

Hans is watching for Martha's tail. He sees one relatively quickly and runs to the pay phone. Philip wigs up and hits the road. It's agent Adderholt who's doing the following.

Clark puts the wedding photo into a drawer, grabs his things and is in the stairwell at the same time Martha is in the elevator. Adderholt is looking at his watch.

Martha yells out a greeting when she gets home. Clark is not there. He's casually walking from the back of the building to the sidewalk. Martha notices their photo isn't on the table. Clark is walking behind Adderholt's car. And that's it.

Paige is trying to be normal. It's not working. She probably shouldn't have been trusted to handle this on their own. She tells him they want her to forgive him. They like him, think he's a good guy and are on the same side. He wonders if she feels any clearer about them than she did before. Well, they told her the truth when she asked, but she thinks maybe that wasn't a good idea.

Martha calls the number. It's a blonde eating at a TV tray. There is a lot of recording equipment behind her. She asks Martha for the phone number and says Clark will call her in an hour.

Philip and Elizabeth meet with Gabriel. Philip thinks Martha's cover is blown. He refuses to send her in with a camera. Gabriel tells P&E to remind William he has been her for 25 years having accomplished virtually nothing. Now he's on the edge of something big and if he continues they may be able to bring him home a hero.

Oleg meets with Stan, delivering the news about Nina. He's like the harbinger of death. At least they both loved her.

Clark calls Martha. She's upset, of course. Clark is, as well. Elizabeth watches from the car.

Stan's son comes home and Henry is there. He wants to hang. Stan's son? Not so much.

Elizabeth doesn't know what's so fun about it. Philip goes over to get Henry. They're playing Trivial Pursuit. Stan answers the door. He's there for Henry, but wants to talk to Stan. They make up.

Philip meets Adderholt. He's the one who took Martha out for dinner. Martha's under pressure, taking her Valium. Elizabeth assures Philip they'll know more by Tuesday. They'll do everything they can for her. Elizabeth crawls into Philip's lap.

Stan and Adderholt listen to a baseball game outside of Martha's. Martha sleeps alone and Elizabeth and Philip have very explicit sex.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Philip: You think that guy's really a priest?
Elizabeth [mumbling]: Idon'tknow.

Philip: We're not saying our government doesn't do bad things...I mean, do people get hurt? Probably...
Elizabeth: But not because of us...