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Pastor Tim comes to see Philip and Elizabeth. He doesn't feel right that they felt frightened because of something that happened to him. Elizabeth asks the couple to dinner as a way to show they accept his apology.

Elizabeth goes to see Gabriel. The Centre turned down her request. She must proceed with the mission for Don.

She immediately goes to see Don to tell him she's pregnant. He wants her to have a fake abortion, but Patty will raise the fake baby on her own.

Stan goes to see Philip, telling him about Frank Gaad's death and the KGB. They're animals, doing things he couldn't imagine.

When Elizabeth comes home, Philip tells her he had put the information about Gaad's trip abroad in his report.

Elizabeth talks to Pastor Tim about when he was missing.

Stan and Oleg meet. Stan lays it out for him, all the talk in meetings about blackmailing Oleg. He mentions Chris Amadour, who was killed by the KGB. When that happened, he kind of lost his mind and did something terrible. He hasn't felt the same since. He says goodbye to Oleg.

Elizabeth made lamb for the Pastor Tim dinner. Alice apologizes again. Stan comes over at the same time they're in for dinner. Henry invites Stan to stay for dinner.

Philip, Gabriel and an old woman show up at Don's place of business. They're Patty's family. They need to talk to him.

They tell Don Patty killed herself. They expect him to pay for getting Patty home to California and for all the funeral expenses. Patty's parents will just stay there while brother John and Don go to the bank.

Elizabeth talks to Pastor Tim again. He talks to her about God, comforting her. Is she going to find God?

They didn't find the codes in Don's office, but they copied his computer files. Elizabeth wonders if Don will tell Young-Hee what happened.

Elizabeth calls for her messages and hears a distraught Young-Hee begging to talk to her.

She talks to Pastor Tim again about what to do if something is weighing on you and you can't get it off your mind. He prays. What if you don't believe in God or prayer? It doesn't matter. All that matters is how you treat each other.

Paige wonders if this Pastor Tim and Alice thing is forever. They chat about it. Paige also mentions what Mike said about the secretary at Stan's office. She disappeared and it was hard on Stan. Just then, a couple of homeless dudes walk up, looking for trouble. When they get too close, Elizabeth punches one and stabs the other in the throat.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Oh, I see Elizabeth's not the only one with a roast in the oven.


Henry: Stan's an FBI agent.
Pastor Tim: Oh really? Huh.