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William is packaging the Lassa Virus. Once again, it's in a tin, but on the lid side there is no protection against breakage. Scary.

Stan and Aderholt are right on his tail as he rides off to make the drop.

Elizabeth is carrying laundry by Paige's bedroom and hears her heavy sighs. If she's in danger, Paige wants to learn how to defend herself. Her next sigh is one of relief.

When William breaks off and out of the park, Stan and Aderholt decide to take William. William spots them and breaks into a run.

Meanwhile, Philip is totally oblivious, taking his spot upon the bench.

William takes the Lassa virus out of the vial and stabs himself into the hand with the sample, raising his hands.

As a helicopter flies overhead, Philip looks at his watch and leaves the park. He returns home and tells Paige William didn't show.

Elizabeth shares a bit of her conversations with Paige with Philip. Does he ever wonder if Smolensk has changed? He says probably not that much.

In Russia, we're checking in with Semenov Mikhail. Why does he have friends in such high places? He's been a pain in the ass since he returned from Afghanistan. He's been saying things about the country and making himself look mentally ill.

Stan is talking to William through a glass panel. William is not looking too well. He starts talking about everything inside oozing out through his orifices. When Stan asks if he'd like a coke, William laughs so hard he chokes.

Elizabeth gets home to learn Alice had her baby. A girl, Claire Louise.

At est, Philip is talking about changing. How much he's changed since he picked his line of work and how much it affects him every day since he has to do it.

Gabriel decides that since the FBI likely has William, they must have something enticing to offer him.

Misha goes home. An old man gives him something Misha's mother gave to him for safekeeping before her arrest. It's a stack of money and passports.

Misha asks about his father. He was a boy, like him the man says. All he knows about his father is that he's a travel agent in America.

The Munchkin visits Arkady. Both sides use the "we've only used chemical weapons to counteract what you're going to use on us" shtick. Then he tells Arkady he has 48 hours to get out.

Aderholt asks William if he liked what he did. William admits he was attracted to the power and intrigue at first, but became so alone at the end it felt like he was cursed. Even when he reached out to acquaintances, there was a barrier.

Gabriel thinks it's time for the Jennings to go home. Get the kids and return to Mother Russia. The looks on Elizabeth and Philip's faces are impossible to read.

Paige holds Pastor Tim's baby for the first time.

When Elizabeth and Philip get to the car, their faces look stunned. They're in shock, and there is no sign of joy at the news they received.

Tatiana won't get Kenya. They've asked her to stay on until Arkady's replacement gets here. Oleg has asked for a transfer to Moscow to be near his family.

William begins talking in his delirium.

They get home to an unhappy Henry who watched the Redskins lose the Superbowl all by his lonesome.

Paige and Matthew were watching it next door, but Matthew isn't really into sports.

They talk about their parents, affairs and potential affairs.

Stan gets home and Elizabeth sends Philip over to connect Paige. Stan is all excited because he walked in on Matthew and Paige making out. He makes jokes about Philip being the father of the bride who can pay for the wedding. Stan will offer up his backyard for the wedding.

Philip doesn't want Paige to see Matthew. She's none too pleased about that, considering the most recent conversation they had about it.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Paige: He's at a class?
Elizabeth: It's called est. It's like a class in...thinking about yourself.

Cops: Put your hands in the air! DON'T MOVE!
William [raising his hands]: I suggest YOU don't move. You might want to get me to a hospital with a bio-containment treatment facility as soon as possible.