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Martha wakes up and washes her face, begins putting on makeup, treating this day like it's a normal day.

At breakfast, she stares at the JIF container, no doubt wondering if she'll ever see another.

Philip takes her bags to the car. It's still dark outside. Gabriel opens the door. Philip drives.

They arrive at a small plane in a grassy airfield. There has been no music, no speaking. Gabriel nods to her. Clark walks her over to the plane. Martha is crying. They say goodbye and Philip blinks back the tears. Martha flies off.

Henry is talking about David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear on TV. Philip walks in and says they just lost a big client, so he'll be there to watch. He'll also be home two more nights a week. So get used to more dad.

Stan and Aderholt are not happy about Martha. They think she was really good. The bastards must have given her a lot of help.

Elizabeth asks how it went with Martha. Philip brushes it off. He's reading an est book. She wonders if it's helpful. It's helping him realize some things, such as he's going to start playing hockey again.

Elizabeth goes outside and calls Young-Hee. They go to see Tender Mercies. They both cried. Young-Hee feels badly about trying to turn Patty into an independent makeup consultant. They see a couple kids sneaking into a movie, and they do the same. The Outsiders.

Philip, meanwhile, goes to see Gene's grave.

Stan comes over to say hey, wondering where Elizabeth is. Philip doesn't know. Stan's divorce is almost ready.

Philip gets defensive about Martha when Elizabeth says she was simple. He says she wasn't simple, and was actually very complicated. People underestimated her.

Gabriel has news about Philip's older son. He finished his tour and is home safe. No news on Martha. Philip wants someone to contact her parents, soon. Gabriel says six months. That doesn't sit well with Philip. Gabriel says there are procedures in place. Alright, but maybe Philip can call himself, sooner. And Philip wants to tell them they can see her again. Maybe in three or four years. Gabriel puts his foot down.

Elizabeth goes to an est meeting.

Oleg reports to the stern lady that Martha got to Cuba at 1400 and is waiting on a flight to Prague.

She's upset. Her brother is going to war. He was called up. She feels bad because of what Oleg's brother went through.

Elizabeth gets home and shares with Philip she went to est. She sees why he likes it. Elizabeth doesn't like that they try so hard to get you to go for more, bring in your friends and spend more money. He says she doesn't get it. Elizabeth calls Martha an agent, and Philip calls her a human. Elizabeth brings up Gregory. A fight ensues. They get called to Gabriel's. Gabriel shares the news about Martha and wonders what the hell is up with them. Philip mentions est. Gets a lecture.

Paige comes home early from school, skipping bible study. Elizabeth wants her to go to bible study and get in the mood to talk during bible study and get into it.

Elizabeth lets her know that she will find some shit to volunteer for so that she spends at least part of every day with Pastor Tim and his wife and she will monitor his moods and report back every day what is said and how he is because thanks to what she did, that is all that lies between them and this family being destroyed.

Gaad is being called up to see the director. He's sure it's not for a commendation. Stan has some story about a stamp collector. Gaad says he doesn't collect stamps.

Gabriel has Claudia over. He's calling P&E children. Saying goodbye to an agent is the end of the world. He is using an a story similar to "I used to walk up a steep snow covered hill backwards with no boots and stocks on my hands as mittens."

Claudia says, Boo hoo. LOL

Elizabeth's agent Lisa says Maurice is back on the bottle and so is she. Maurice ran off to Florida. She wants to tell the police about Jack and what they've been doing. She has to make it right. She started slipping the moment she started taking that money. The lying and the pressure is too much. She wants to go in there together, so they get immunity. Elizabeth wants to get to a meeting. She says they'll take her kids. Elizabeth bashes her in the back of the head with a vodka bottle.

Gabriel tells Philip and Elizabeth he's asking The Center to ease up on them. Things have to change. They can maintain what they have going on, but no new business. This will be the closest they will come to a vacation.

They get home and see the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Time jump. Seven months. Paige is at mini golf with Pastor Tim and his pregnant wife.

Philip, Elizabeth and Henry are playing hockey in the driveway.

Stan is visiting Gaad who is asking about the new guy.

Paige hates every minute of spending time with the Pastor and his wife. She goes inside with her parents when she gets home, reports in with a terrible look on her face.

Gaad tells Stan he thinks he's pulled back on turning Oleg because he feels badly about Nina. Gaad says, friendship, whatever, you can't lose sight of who these people are.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Martha: Don't be alone Clark, alright? Don't be alone.
Philip: You, too.
Martha: Oh, sure, I'll just learn Russian and...yeah, OK. Me, too.

Turns out they were on her. Stan just told me they were in the middle of a disaster at work. I was worried I pulled her for nothing.