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Two kids are meeting at a high school cafeteria. Tuon is from Michigan and Pasha is from Moscow. Tuon remembers learning English. The kid takes Pasha home to...Elizabeth and Philip in disguise as Mr. and Mrs. Eckert?

Things in Russia are terrible. Food lines leave citizens with nothing but empty bins. Those in power, though, don't seem to be suffering.

Stan is called into the conference room with Agent Wolfe. Oleg got onto a plane for the USSR. They suspect he may have been called home, but can't imagine a scenario in which he could be connected to Stan.

The Eckharts arrive "home" again. The kid wonders how a guy like Pasha's dad was even allowed out. They should have put a bullet in his head. He treats Pasha really poorly and it's causing Pasha a tough time. That's why he things Pasha will be ripe for recruitment.

In Moscow, Oleg is with his mother, looking through books and at family photos around the room. There is a magazine about the 1984 Olympics.

His mom worries about him. He has to be careful. Moscow is a hard place.

Paige comes home from Stan's with a couple slices of pizza for lunch the next day. She has no interest in watching the Olympics with her parents.

Mischa is preparing to go through customs somewhere on his way to America. He has falsified documents and is traveling to Yugoslavia to visit family. He's scared to death, but they let him through.

The Eckharts are at Pasha's house for dinner. They're talking about how things in Moscow are crashing. The food lines. How they lived in an apartment with three families and things would break and never be fixed. Elizabeth and Philip looked so uncomfortable.

Paige heads over to Stan's and he wonders where Henry is. Stan thanks her for being there for Matthew because they've made things so much easier for Matthew. Matthew seems to like Paige more than vice versa.

Elizabeth gets to know Pasha's mother a bit.

After dinner, Elizabeth and Philip talked about how ungrateful the family was.

At home, Paige reveals she can't stop thinking about that guy with the knife in his neck. Stan rings the bell.

Stan was very excited to have "met someone" at the gym. He thinks the thing with Paige and Matthew is great, too.

Mischa is on the bus, thinking of the note from his mother.

Oleg is interviewing with someone who is explaining his organization is cracking down on criminal corruption within the food industry so they can feed their people. It's possible it will lead to friends of his family. Is he KGB first?

Claudia and Gabriel are talking about Mischa heading to America to find his father.

Elizabeth decides to help Paige fight her nightmares by learning to fight. She can never be afraid to fight if she doesn't want to be afraid.

Elizabeth and Philip learn William's fate. They also discover he had one last job.

It requires over a handful of men, plastic tarps, shovels and more as they await a transport vehicle. The dirt they're digging in is peat, which is super helpful.

They're digging a really deep hole, long and wide.

The find something. It's metal. A welder goes into the hole. It's William.

The body is tagged danger, do not burn. Philip cuts a piece of William's flesh from his body and they put it into a Ziploc bag. Just as the body is handed above to a dude, he tumbles and falls into the pit.

His hand is pierced. It doesn't hurt, he says. Philip says it's fine. Go up and they'll finish. He starts climbing and Elizabeth kills him. He goes to sleep with William.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Elizabeth: Can't wait to have dinner with that family again.
Philip: Yeah.
Elizabeth: Sorry he had to wait in line to eat. He's old enough to remember having nothing to wait in line for.
Philip: My mother used to make us soup from a few onions, nothing else. It was really just hot water.
Elizabeth: After the war, my mother always said she wasn't hungry. I knew, but I ate everything. She was so thin.

Philip: We'll get another chance...to go home. It wasn't the right time.
Elizabeth: What's the right time?