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Philip and Elizabeth deliver William's flesh to Gabriel. Gabriel tells them his sources tell him the US might be poisoning their shipments of grain to the USSR. The Jennings are incredulous.

When they get home, they find Paige asleep in the closet.

Stan is really worried about Paige, wondering if everything's OK. He spends a lot of time with teenagers and he gets the idea things aren't alright. Philip sloughs it off as Matthew being her first boyfriend. 

Elizabeth and Paige are training in the garage. Paige says she really likes Matthew. She wants to just be allowed to like him. Can't she ever have a boyfriend? Just not Matthew. Anyone but him, Elizabeth says.

Alan Strider from the CIA meets Stan. He wants to recruit Oleg NOW. Stan isn't impressed. I can't stop looking at Proxy Snyder who just introduced Alan Strider. 

Mr. Eckhart is cleaning the gutters for Tuon. 

Paige and Matthew get closer, doing a bit of heavy petting.

Stan's passionate plea for Oleg makes people wonder. Since Oleg left American soil, he's now under CIA jurisdiction and they're going to do with Oleg what they want, no help from the FBI no matter how good he was in helping the FBI previously.

Elizabeth goes into a greenhouse where she discovers what they are growing is full of bugs. Someone is contaminating what is being sent to the USSR. But it's an awfully small greenhouse. Something seems amiss.

Stan and Philip are at the club. Stan wishes he was in charge of the FBI. Stan asked Renee out. And she's usually there about now. He finds her and says hello. 

Philip wonders about Marzoff and if he knows about bugs. Apparently, he knows about wheat can what can kill it. They can't do it without him.

Oleg has a tail. Stan Beeman sent him. They need to talk, soon.

Another dinner with Pashenka and his parents doesn't go well. 

Tuon thinks saying that he'd rather die back home than live here is a stupid thing to say. These kids have no idea. He can get Pasha to do whatever he wants. He's weak.

Philip and Elizabeth decide to talk to Paige like an adult. They can show her a technique to keep her emotions in check. If she really masters this technique, she can continue seeing him. 

It was a simple technique, not nearly as frightening as I expected it to be.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

I just don't think you're listening. Burov will sacrifice himself before betraying his country. He can't be turned.


Philip: Is, uh, everything alright?
Stan: Yeah. Just this thing going on at work.
Philip: Something you can talk about?
Stan: No, not really. Just sometimes, you know, I wish I was in charge of the whole goddamned FBI.