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Gabriel makes tea for the Jennings and serves them some cake. She has a lot of questions for him and her parents.

Gabriel says her parents have sacrificed a lot for the many, and in spite of it all, Paige has shown a lot of courage, too, by asking for the truth and living through receiving it.

Paige equates Gabriel to family and Philip agrees.

The greenhouse they originally broke into has been surrounded by fencing and weaponized guards.

Elizabeth is breaking into the office to see a paper from the American Psychiatric Society and the Committee on Human Rights and the Moscow Working Rights Commission.

Philip is weird. That's essentially what Diedre says. He's needy and pushes to too hard. She just wants to be normal.

Oleg tells his mother he went to meet with the people and they never showed.

Sofia meets with Aderholt and Stan. She wants asylum. They're offering her monetary compensation.

Paige wonders if Elizabeth is going to miss Gabriel. While they're talking, Philip comes home and Paige asks if he's working on the grain thing, asking how it's going.

It's so weird seeing Paige asking about the missions. She's still under the impression America is messing with the wheat. Are they telling her everything?

Paige meets with Pastor Tim. She assures him she's fine after realizing there are things much more important than her.

The CIA is backing off of Oleg, but they also want Stan transferred out of counter-intelligence. Agent Wolfe said that was impossible as he's on an active operation. But after? They'll worry about that when it happens.

Elizabeth and Philip are in Memphis spying on Ben.

Paige breaks up with Matthew in very traumatic fashion.

Ben has a girlfriend in Memphis. Elizabeth doesn't know who she is but is ready to go get it (the wheat).

Elizabeth is bothered that Ben is cheating on her. Philip tells her it's OK to care, but she disagrees. Not for her it isn't.

Gabriel receives his plant and prepares to say goodbye.

Paige tells mom she broke up with Matthew.

Renee is being ignored by Stan and doesn't like it. But Stan stops and explains to her about his work thing in a very convoluted way.

Oleg checks out his mother's labor camp file.

Philip says goodbye to Gabriel. He prods the old man for information and is surprised to hear his last words.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Paige: I knew America did terrible things, but I never thought, I mean, people's food?
Elizabeth: I know it's hard understanding these things, seeing these things, but the world doesn't work the way people here think that it does.

Diedre: Are you planning on moving to Topeka?
Philip: No. Why? What if I did?
Diedre: Because I just want to be together like two normal people right now.