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 Paige is helping Pastor Tim with the pantry again. They chat about schools. She's thinking about George Washington. Pastor Tim has been offered a job with the World Council of Churches in Buenos Aires. They're going to take it. 

They'll leave in two months. They love their life, but Claire Louise growing up and seeing more of the world, speaking Spanish, they can't pass it up. He hopes Claire Louise will grow up to have as big of a heart as Paige.

Paige delivers the news to her parents. When she discovers the Soviets work with religious organizations all over the world, she takes off her cross necklace and dumps it in the trash. Her parents give it back it back to her. She has to wear it until he's gone.

Oleg is getting grilled in his boss' office about Tatiana. He shares how they got close and fell into an affair. Did they ever discuss things other than their personal lives? No. Was Oleg aware they took down a subversive? What about that Stan Beeman was involved? They're concerned about the foursome: Stan, Nina, Tatiana and Oleg. Oleg smirks. Stan works counterintelligence in Washington. If there's a big operation and he wasn't involved, he'd be surprised.

Meanwhile, Stan and Aderholt are waiting for Sofia. She appears with her new fiance, Gennadi. Surprise! She had told him all about them. There is nothing to worry about, but can't they pay her a bit more? Thanks, that'd be awesome.

Philip and Elizabeth talk to Claudia about leaving. She says the kids who return lead very interesting lives, but she wouldn't tell Henry they were going until they were actually there.

Oleg goes back to his boss about Ekaterina's being arrested. He's not pleased the woman is being punished for following the system to do her job when it's the only way she was able to do her job.

Elizabeth is with Evgheniya talking about Pasha. She's very worried about him. They need a new plan.

Stan is worried about Sofia's fiance. 

Oleg talks with his mom. A doctor in the camps liked her. She slept with him whenever he wanted and then she had food, blankets, shoes. When Oleg went to work for the KGB, his father was very proud. She couldn't forget.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Pastor Tim, giving to him a compass so he doesn't get lost again. They ask for his opinion on taking Paige and Henry back to Russia. They don't know if they would ever adjust to life there, but life here and everything that goes along with it isn't much, either. Pastor Tim thinks they'll have trouble either way.

When they get home, Henry and Chris have prepared them a feast as a thank you for allowing him to go to St. Edwards.

Mischa meets his uncle. He's almost struck dumb.

Paige asks her parents about where the Jennings family name came from. She's surprised to learn they're dead people who have no meaning.

Oleg discovers Ekaterina is not prosecuted for the minor infraction. They're supposed to go after the big boss. Someone tells them to hold off, but they don't know what it means. Still, Oleg goes by the store to see Ekaterina at work and is pleased to see her doing her job.

Later, Oleg speaks with his father. It's a beautiful conversation where the two finally share how much love and support they have for one another. Oleg, though, feels he's alone when it comes to what's going on with everything outside of his current position.

Mischa is having dinner with his new family. His little cousin isn't supposed to ask about Uncle Mischa. Mischa says he isn't either. But he lives abroad, supposed to be some kind of a hero. His uncle says if he's like him, he must be pretty good.

Flashing to Elizabeth and Philip talking about their kids. Who would they talk to? Elizabeth thinks Paige would like it, once she learned the language. They should take Philip's name. What about her, he wonders? Elizabeth just smiles. 

Paige is dragging up the workout gear in the garage.

When Elizabeth and Philip get to Tuan's he has news. He showed Pasha how to slit his wrists with the minimal amount of damage and even worked with him on a note. He's going to do it at just the right time so his parents will get there in time to save him. Philip and Elizabeth are mortified. They're wondering if it's going to work. It could, but Pasha could also end up dead.

Tuan didn't realize Pasha was the priority here. He's angry his "parents" are mucking with the operation. Well, Pasha isn't answering the phone. Philip grabs his coat and starts walking. Elizabeth goes after him. The three are blazing down the sidewalk. 


The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

Stan Beeman was not my friend.


Paige: How, exactly, did you get him this job?
Philip: The Soviet Union has worked hard for peace. It has a lot of friends in a lot of organizations all over the world.
Paige: Religious organizations?
Elizabeth: Well, some of them fight for justice, which is good enough for us. [Paige takes off her cross necklace and dumps it in the trask]