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Gabriel wants Philip and Elizabeth to begin driving back and forth to Kansas for their new marks. Apparently they're the only agents. They try to get out of it by admitting how much they have on their plates, but Gabriel doesn't give.

Henry is quite the teenager.

Oleg confides in his mother about the tape, tells her they're using it against him, trying to get him to do things that could land him in jail.

Mischa puts his life in the hands of the guy he paid to get him through the border. It's a two man operation. By doing that, the second man gets into trouble and the first, with Mischa inside, rolls right along.

Elizabeth has much better luck with her Kansas mark.

Meanwhile, Philip is out with Alexi. They are never home.

When Elizabeth gets home, Philip is waiting up on the couch. They're growing tired of the games.

Oleg is trying to do the right thing by his people rather than strong arm them into doing what they want.

Stan is worried about Oleg being strongarmed himself.

Paige is babysitting for Pastor Tim and Alice and he gives Paige a book on by Karl Marx to help her understand her family dynamics.

Elizabeth is in Kansas with her woodsy fellow and Philip is trying to score a date while Paige babysits.

Paige decides to do some snooping. You know it's good stuff by the music that's playing. She finds a diary.

Elizabeth is making out with the woodsy guy. She stops him, saying she has work. She'll be back next week.

Stan tries again to save Oleg, this time putting himself in the line of fire. He will go public with what he did to the KGB agent three years ago unless they get the CIA to stop pressuring Oleg.

Paige and Elizabeth talk about the diary. Elizabeth freaks out. Moments after explaining to Paige their work is all about confidence, the answer that comes back at her is worrisome.

Oleg's mother shares shocking news with Oleg. She spent five years in a camp. She survived. She wants him to know it's possible. If it comes to that, he will, too. She also tells him to do what he needs to do.

Mischa arrives in NYC.


The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Philip: Do you think we're gonna get fired?
Elizabeth: It's not funny.
Philip: I know.

In Soviet Union, we have same great land, same great climate, but system is broke. They still move food by horse sometimes. By the time it gets to where it needs to be, it's already rotten.