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Philip visits Stan to tell him he has to leave for a few days meaning Henry will be on his own. If that's not enough to open the failing travel agency to digging from the FBI, I don't know what will.

When Stan asks Philip what's going on in his life as a friend, as his best friend, he means it. He will be there for him always. Philip doesn't lie but doesn't tell him the truth, of course. He admits the business is going down. He can barely look at Stan in the eyes. He hugs the man before he leaves his son in his care.

Philip is at the Edison Park Hotel in Elizabeth's room.

She seems shocked to see him there. He takes a look at the stuff on the bed, asks if he's staying and suggests they get something to eat.

Philip tells her about Stan.

He later realizes the plan is really difficult and doesn't feel it's going to be easy.

Stan is digging into Henry's head and getting a lot of information about the weird family dynamic happening at the Jennings house.

Of all the strange things to tell Philip, Elizabeth tells him she was called to Mexico at the beginning of October about the case they're working on now and given the pill in the locket around her neck. She can't be arrested. He wants to flush it down the toilet. She won't let him. Then why did she tell him? Because he always wants to know things.

That's just passive aggressive bullshit right there.

The case is going down, and something tells me it's going to be fine, but when they get home they're going to kill Stan, and it's going to be terrible. I can't get the feeling out of my head.

To top it off, poor Harvest drives a Yugo or something. It seems so unfair.

It looks like Matthew and Keri just got back from a sunny vacation. They are freckly.

The FBI just realized they lost Harvest. Marilyn is shot between the eyes and killed. Harvest is shot in the gut, and the bleeding is profuse.

He has a few messages he needs Philip to remember. Two for Mother and Father that can't possibly have any meaning beyond what he said. The other was about the schematics for the device.

In a parking garage, Philip lops off Marilyn's head and hands. Well, he attempts to lop off her head, but it's not that easy, making you know how difficult it is to slice someone's head off with a knife.

Philip makes a spectacle of putting Harvest's necklace with the suicide pill into the duffle.

The sounds her hands make going into the duffle are horrific. One day, her body will be identified by DNA.

At the FBI office, Aderholt is pissed to see dead guys, dead harvest and a dead woman with no head nor hands.

Aderholt says Stan was right. Everything they touch turns to shit.

Stan is getting a bad feeling about the sketches of the white guy and the white lady who was on the bus with Harvest.

The look on Philip's face is one that says he knows he's going to get arrested and he's going to tell all.

When Stan gets home, he goes around to the back of the Jennings' house, looks into the flower pot at the cigarettes and breaks in to take a look around.

Stan remembers some of the last words of William Crandall. The American dream, she's pretty, he's lucky, a couple of kids. You'd never suspect them.

On the plane home, Philip and Elizabeth are disguised as an old couple, something I don't think they'll ever be.

When they get home, they have a moment of closeness before she's off to work again.

Stan feels a new vigor for his old job.

Elizabeth goes to the office to check on Philip before she goes to share the news with Paige. When the two of them meet, Elizabeth tries to get Paige to understand what she's committing to, but all Paige sees is she'll be "making a difference." Elizabeth tells her it's time to apply for an internship at the State Department.

At home, Philip remembers the commitment he made to Elizabeth and his marriage. That's the commitment that matters to him.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Stan: You know, I used to ask myself, why is this guy and his wife coming home at three, four in the morning? How hard can they possibly work? What's driving them? And even now I see you and I wonder, what is going on with him? I see your stress level and I just ... I say this to you as a friend, OK? Are you involved with something?
Philip: Stan...
Stan: 'Cause if something's going on, you can trust me.
Philip: I've been wanting to tell you. The business is falling apart and I think it might be going under.

Philip: You look surprised.
Elizabeth: I wasn't sure you'd really come.